Binny’s Vienna Diaries – Day 3

Binny’s Vienna Diaries – Day 3

 Day 3 of our Vienna trip started with breakfast at Cafe Aida, which has lots of branches across Vienna.

The Coffee was amazing and the one pictured below is a small “Brauner” which is espresso, cream and whipped cream.

 This cafe and its branches were set up by Josef Prousek in 1913. All the cafes were destroyed during WW2 and in 1948 AIDA reopened in Wollzeile and the rest is history. The cakes, pastries and coffee are pretty epic.


For my food I decided on a savoury cheese and onion quiche which was so warm and satisfying.

Amit went for a Ham and Cheese Toastie.  

After a hearty breakfast, we headed off for day 2 of the Hop on Hop off bus tour. I am glad I packed extra layers of clothing as it was absolutely freezing!

I did have to buy a beanie hat from H&M as my ears were super cold.  

Europe is pretty on edge after the Paris attacks and we saw banners like this one pictured below across the city. Europe  does feel like one at a time like this.    

There were plenty of different museums and points of interest you could stop at on the different routes along the way.

The Criminal Museum caught our eye so we went in with a was of explanations in English to explore each room and its exhibits.

There were pretty gruesome pictures and photos of executions, murders and examples of their weapons exhibited throughout the museum. It was not for the faint hearted that is for sure.  

It was really interesting as you could get a sense of the Austrian history in snippets.

After that we sat on the bus and took in some of the many sights. Pictured below is the giant ferris wheel.  

It is similar to the London eye and was only meant to be a temporary fixture but it was too expensive to dismantle.

After touring around we decided to go on it.  It has wooden cabins which are somewhat romantic. Some cabins have a table and chairs for dining.

After a round on the ferris wheel and braving the cold we were hungry.

We found a stall selling langos so we got one.  We had to who can resist?    

Above is a short clip of the lovely lady putting the different toppings on our langos. We went for garlic, onions and cheese.


After finishing the route on the hop on hop off bus we went back into the central part and found shelter from the cold inside the Fashion TV Cafe.

It was super fashionable inside and even had a catwalk. The menu was pretty cool.  

I ordered a Mojito and it was so delicious!    

Amit went for an apple strudel which was also lovely and perfect to indulge on.

After that we went to the hotel, played cards and then headed out for our last dinner in Vienna. We chose to go to Do & Co, a restaurant with a view.

We started off with bread which was lovely and warm.  

I ordered Tom Ka Ghai soup which was perfect for the cold weather, super tasty and spicy.

We then shared sushi. A highlight was the pumpkin sushi.  

We then had prawn green curry for mains with rice which was superb.  

A highlight of the meal was their assorted salt much to the delight of my salt loving husband.

The restaurant was very romantic and had amazing food. Really recommend it!

We were in a food coma after that so headed straight to bed.

Tomorrow is our last day in Vienna before we head to Lisbon for a couple of days.




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