The Duck and Rice

The Duck and Rice

Picture credit: The Duck and Rice 
On Berwick Street, right next to Yauatcha is Alan Yau’s Chinese Gastropub, The Duck and Rice. Slightly posher than your average Chinese restaurant, the Duck and Rice has a lovely buzz about it.

As you walk in you see massive copper beer vats of Pilsner Urquell. The downstairs area is the “pub” area. Beer cocktails are on the menu for the more adventurous drinkers amongst a selection of other drinks.

As you venture up a spiral staircase you find yourself at the restaurant. The area is not massive but the tables are a good size for a spread of different dishes.

We sat in a lovely corner table near the window however Berwick street is not the most scenic part of Soho so the view was not one to shout about.

We ordered a mixture of dishes. The menu has lots of choices and some comfort dishes too.  The restaurant had a lovely atmosphere.

For starters we went for Edamame. This was delicious and rather addictive. They are great fun to eat too!


We also went for Sesame Prawn Toast which was so tasty. The portion size was good and this is one of the dishes I order regularly at Chinese restaurants, allbeit usually at a lower price. These were £6.50.

Next we went for Sichuan vegetable dumpling, which was £4.00. These were really tasty and fiery without being overpowering. This is a dish I would definitely order again.

From the Dim Sum section we went for Har Gau, which was £6.90 for 3 pieces. This was also very tasty and filling.


The next dish is my favourite dish from the whole menu and one which pulled me back to The Duck and Rice for a second visit. Wasabi Prawns. I have not tasted anything like it. They are so indulgent, so tasty, so moreish…I can go on. This is a star dish in my opinion. The wasabi flavour is not suffocating but pleasant. Very pleasant! This is on the menu for £10.50.


Finally, we went for pancakes and shredded crispy duck. These were so good. The crispy duck was so well cooked and flavoured really nicely. 

We went through two portions of pancakes. Was so good! This is on the menu for £24 for a half portion.

We were too stuffed for desserts but the choice was good. I would have liked to see some toffee banana fritters though as that is my favourite part of my meal at Chinese restaurants. 

The service was fantastic and the server even gave us a jar of off the menu chilli sauce to try.


I really like the food at The Duck and Rice. It is pricer than other Chinese restaurants if you compare it to restaurants in the suburbs, high street or China Town.

However it is nice to dress up and come and dine here for a special treat as it is a different concept to other Chinese restaurants. 

I would have liked to see one or two traditional Chinese desserts on the menu to match the amazing comfort food dishes though.

The food was faultless, tasty and tantalising to the taste buds. The Wasabi Prawns are a must!

The Duck and Rice can be found at 90 Berwick Street. I would recommend booking a table in advance.

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