Destination guide: Top 12 things to do in Grenada

Grenada, one of the most southern Islands in the West Indies, is one of the Caribbeans most idyllic and underrated destinations with stunning beaches, verdant green lush rainforests, historic cocoa and nutmeg plantations and an amazing cultural heritage to boot. If you are a keen foodie that loves chocolate or are interested about the Chocolate making process, it is the perfect destination for you.

Here are my suggestions of the top 12 things to do in Grenada.

1. Relax on one of Grenada’s postcard perfect beaches

Grenada has some stunning white sandy beaches and Grand Anse is the largest beach with soft sand and azure waters, which are clear and calm.  The perfect spot to relax as well as watch the sun set.

2. Visit a Cocoa Plantation

Learn about the ‘Tree to Bar’ chocolate making process at one of Grenada’s  5 Tree to Bar Chocolate producing companies and see the end to end process right from the harvest of the Cocoa Pods to the production and packing of the Chocolate bars.

I visited the Belmont Estate, a gorgeous 17th century plantation and one of the oldest cocoa farms, where you can go for a tour and learn all about cocoa, and got involved in some of the process such as walking through the beans.

I also visited Crayfish Bay which is owned by Kim and Lylette Russell and where all the machinery used for the chocolate making process is made from recycled garbage that Kim put together at a fraction of the cost that this machinery costs if bought brand new.

The grounds that Crayfish Bay is housed on are strikingly beautiful and you can find the oldest Steel bridge in Grenada, and the second oldest in the Caribbean here.

3. Visit the Market (St. George’s)


As well as having an array of fresh fruit and vegetables on display, St George’s market is a fantastic place to stock up on spices, hot sauces and decorative pieces either for yourself or to purchase as gifts.

I left with a supply of hot sauces, nutmeg, cocoa balls and Nutmed, which I have heard is amazing for muscle aches and pains.

4. Drinks at Dodgy Dock (True Blue Bay, St. George)

Dodgy Dock is a fabulous marina-side restaurant and bar at the True Blue Bay resort with gorgeous views. The cocktails are good here so the perfect spot for a sundowner!

5. See the Nutmeg Processing Cooperative

Visit the main nutmeg processing station where you can see the workers, who are all women, sorting the nutmeg. The aroma in here is irresistible!

6. Try Cocoa Tea

Don’t leave without trying cocoa tea, which is a hot drink brewed with roasted cocoa nibs. It is also really good for you and full of anti-oxidants. Best of all it also has caffeine so a nice switch from Coffee.

7. Dine at BB’s Crabback

The namesake waterfront restaurant of celebrity chef and local bon vivant Brian Benjamin serves up local authentic food and definitely the best food I ate on the island. Get the Crabback for starters followed by the Goat curry for mains and the Sweet Potato pudding for dessert washed down with a Rum Punch.

8. Try Craft Beer at the West Indies Beer Company

Photo credit: Grenada Chocolate Festival
Photo credit: Grenada Chocolate Festival

Try the local craft beer at this artisan brewery whose roots started at the house brewery at the True Blue Bay Resort and has now expanded into an awesome bar with an amazing selection of beers to enjoy.

9. Visit the House of Chocolate

The House of Chocolate is part cafe, part museum and part gift shop, and dedicated to all things cocoa.  I loved all the historical information set out creatively so that you can learn about the history of chocolate and see some artefacts, with some interactive elements. It is also a great place to stock up on some chocolate as well as other products.

10. Watch the captivating Sunsets

The sunsets in Grenada are spectacular so grab yourself a rum punch (or Mojito) and watch mother nature do her best show for you!

11. Try the best Mojitos in Grenada at Esther’s Bar

Head to Esthers Bar off Grand Anse beach who make the best Mojitos on the island.

I can vouch that they are incredible and the perfect refreshing cocktail to watch the sun go down on a absolutely wonderful island!

Grenada Chocolate Fest

Photo credit: Grenada Chocolate Festival

Time your trip with the annual Grenada Chocolate Festival, an annual festival dedicated to all things Chocolate that takes place in May, the brainchild of Magdalena Fielden, who founded the event. In 2020 this will take place between 1-6 May.

If you are a Chocolate lover, or simply intrigued about the Chocolate making process, The Grenada Chocolate Festival is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a week-long celebration of all things chocolate and there are so many amazing fun and fascinating activities you can do which range from enjoying a rum and chocolate pairing, making your own cocoa tea and chocolate scrubs to visiting cocoa estates and seeing the entire process from harvest until the production of the bar.


Getting to Grenada

You can fly to Grenada with British Airways via a short stopover in St Lucia or many cruise ships also stop in Grenada.

Currency in Grenada

You can use Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollars or US dollars in Grenada.

To find out more about the Grenada Chocolate Festival visit their website

To find out more about Grenada visit

Have you been to Grenada or are planning to visit for the Grenada Chocolate Festival? Let me know in the comments xx


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  1. Cocktails and chocolate! Where do I sign up? Grenada looks incredible!

    Posted 7.8.19 Reply
  2. Bejal wrote:

    OK I’m sold, I love the old rustic, untouched feel of Grenada and there is so much to do. I’m particularly loving the sunsets, chocolate and coconuts!

    Posted 7.8.19 Reply
  3. Laura wrote:

    I only spent one day there but I remember how beautiful the island was. I would love to go back and explore more!

    Posted 7.14.19 Reply
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