Best Seekh Kebabs I have ever eaten – Karim’s in Old Delhi

Best Seekh Kebabs I have ever eaten – Karim’s in Old Delhi

*Apologies if you are Vegetarian this post is probably not for you.*

My friend Priyam told me that we HAD to go to Karim’s when we were in Delhi and as we have pretty much the same taste in food, I knew that it was going to be something special – and it was! The best seekh kebabs I have ever eaten in my life! So good that we ordered them twice and it was literally the first thing we ate when we landed in Delhi. I am salivating thinking about them as I type. I am unfortunately ruined forever as try as I might I haven’t found any kebabs since that are in the same league.

Now this may sound like a really bold statement that they are the best ever but trust me – the flavours were unlike any other Seekh Kebabs I have ever had, not to mention the melt in your mouth texture and the juiciness of the meat. Mmmmmm!!!

Karim’s has several branches but the best is the original one in Old Delhi in an alleyway close to Jama Masjid. It’s humble beginnings started in 1911, when Haji Karimuddin set up a stall outside the mosque selling mutton with potatoes and lentil curry to the people that were celebrating the visit of King George V.

While we waited in a queue to get seated, we watched the preparation of the food and the delicate aroma of the kebabs being grilled was making us both really giddy with excitement!

The spice mix used for these kebabs was originally devised by Haji Karimuddin and is the one that is still used today by the chefs. It is a closely guarded secret and apparently every evening one of the family members fills a series of wooden boxes  with a carefully measured mix of spices. In the morning these boxes are taken downstairs to the eatery and handed to the cooks to prepare the various dishes for the day ahead.

The eatery itself is no frills and super casual but the food is absolutely incredible! We had a mutton curry with the fluffiest of breads alongside our seekh kebabs and I am still craving that meal today! It was also such a great value meal. Everything cooked was super fresh and the environment was clean and hygienic and so you need not worry about getting sick. We could handle it and it was the first thing we consumed in Delhi!

Honestly if you love Seekh Kebabs and happen to be heading to Delhi, please do yourself a favour and try these. You will not be disappointed!

Have you been to Karim’s? Let me know xx


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  1. May 6, 2019 / 11:11 am

    M and I went to Karim’s in Old Delhi with his friends when we visited and the food there was hands down the BEST we had in Delhi! Their lamb passanda is something I salivate about till today! I agree completely – Karim’s is a must do in Delhi…

  2. May 11, 2019 / 12:22 pm

    This is just the kind of food I want to eat on holiday!

  3. Jessica
    August 26, 2019 / 4:36 pm

    I’m currently in New Delhi and really want to go but cannot find it as it doesn’t show up on google maps. Please could you give a bit more information on how to find it!
    Thank you

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