A fabulous lunch at 2 Michelin Starred Caprice at The Four Seasons Hotel – Hong Kong

A fabulous lunch at 2 Michelin Starred Caprice at The Four Seasons Hotel – Hong Kong

Walking into the 2 Michelin starred Caprice and seeing the gorgeous grand dining room, with beautifully dressed tables with their perfectly laid white tablecloths, the immense views of the harbour, and the sparkling shiny chandeliers, I knew I was in for a treat. It reminded me so much of France. What made it even more special was the open plan kitchen, where you could see the Chefs at play, preparing haute cuisine French dishes for the eager diners.

I was hosted by the lovely Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong for lunch, in which Caprice can be found, on the 6th floor.

The wine sommelier picked a delicious French red wine, Domaine des Varoilles, Gevrey-Chambertin ”Clos Varoilles” 1er Cru, 2012, for me to enjoy for my meal, and it was an absolutely delightful Pinot Noir. A little bit too easy to drink which is never a bad thing and he had a cheeky smile as I told him that. I might need to source this for myself!



To start our epic meal, a warm bread basket was presented to us, which had a Sesame bread, Chestnut and Rye bread, a Baguette and a Chilli bread to choose from. I opted for the Chilli bread, which was just heavenly, freshly baked and a bit too moreish. I knew I had to control myself as I didn’t want to be too full for the dishes that were to come. The breads have been made in house for the last 12 years and just phenomenal.


We were then treated to an aromatic Truffle and Alaskan King Crab dish, which was sublime. Truffle is always a winning ingredient for me and combined with the fresh Crab, it was a match made in heaven.


The next dish took me right back to Paris, and is one of the Chef de Cuisine, Chef Guillaume Gallio’s signature dishes – the ‘ Ma Soupe à l’Oignon Contemporaine en Chaud – Froid’ which translates as ‘My Hot and Cold Onion Soup.’


It blew my mind – the various textures, flavours, the chilled onion ice cream – combined all together it tasted just like French Onion Soup and was so enjoyable. It really had a wow factor and probably will be the best version of a French Onion Soup that I will ever have.

Seafood is so enjoyable in Hong Kong as it is incredible fresh, and next up we enjoyed a very zesty Scampi served in a bisque sauce with dill, orange marmalade and razor clams on the side.


I can’t believe how well everything just worked together. I would never have imagined orange marmalade and Scampi together but gosh did the flavours complement each other. It was a very refreshing dish and really lush.

For my mains I was intrigued by’ Le Poulet de Bresse, Homard Bleu Rôti et Crème à la Menthe,’ which translates as Bresse Chicken, Roasted Blue Lobster served with a Mint Cream Sauce.


It was a colourful and extremely gratifying dish and I enjoyed every single bite. I especially loved the lobster as it was so well-prepared and well-seasoned that I couldn’t help think, this is exactly why this is a 2 Michelin Starred restaurant.


After the imaginative and exquisite dishes I was feeling a little full but the waiter said he would give us the Dessert Menu to have a look anyway, knowing full well that we would not be able to resist! Whilst we peered through salivating at every single option, we were given a really refreshing and chilled Mango and crushed ice palate cleanser.

I had heard a lot about Pastry Chef Nicolas Lambert’s creations and so was rather excited to see what the desserts would look like and taste like. Feeling festive, I picked ‘Le Pain d’Epices et Sago Façon Riz Au Lait à la Vanille de Tahiti, L’Orange en Sorbet et Marmelade,’ which translates as Tahitian Vanilla Sago Rice Pudding Style with Ginger Bread, Orange Marmalade and Orange Sorbet.


I was speechless, mostly because I just could not stop eating it and savouring every single morsel of delight. It was just so scrumptious! The varying textures and contrasting flavours all combined creating a zestful, delectable and piquant melody for my taste buds.

My fabulous dining partner opted for an equally gorgeous dessert – ‘La Pomme et Le Coing, Sablé Amande et Biscuit Chocolat Blanc, Sorbet Pamplemousse,’ which translates as Apple and Quince, Almond Sablé with White Chocolate Biscuit and Grapefruit Sorbet.


She let me try it and it was so pleasurable. The grapefruit sorbet was so addictive and the  flavours of the apple and quince, just magical together. Nicolas Lambert is a pastry genius!

Already feeling so spoilt, the treats continued with a stunningly presented selection of petit fours, which I couldn’t eat then as I was really content by now, but which I was kindly able to take away and share with Amit, who devoured them with such glee and happiness.


If you are looking for fantastic French food which is special, stunning, delicious and memorable, Caprice is just so sensational. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect from the fantastic service, the gorgeous plating of the dishes, the elements of surprise, the unbeatable views, and the plethora of distinctive, creative flavours that Chef Guillaume Gallio enables his customers to enjoy on the journey through his fabulous menu, which he devised in its entirety.

It really is worth its 2 Michelin Stars and I had a truly momentous meal. They also retained their Michelin Stars in the Michelin Guide’s latest list and I am so thrilled for them. Thank you so much Four Seasons Hong Kong for having me and I can’t wait to come back one day!

For more information about Caprice, you can visit their website here.

Disclaimer: I was hosted by Four Seasons Hong Kong but all views and photos are my own.



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  1. December 4, 2017 / 1:34 am

    Your photos are beautiful hun!! This looks like such a gorgeous meal…definitely giving me an excuse to return 🙂 xxx

  2. December 7, 2017 / 9:35 pm

    Wow that all sounds fantastic! Love the look of the Scampi dish, what a beautiful meal xxx

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