Chai Ki – an eclectic Toddy house in Canary Wharf, Crossrail place

A “toddy” house is a drinking establishment popular in India, particularly in Kerala.  Toddy is an alcoholic drink made from the sap of palm trees. It is usually served with fiery hot food. Now you…

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Shortbread biscuits

Shortbread biscuits are impossible to resist especially with their goldeny, buttery and crumbly texture.  They are relatively quick and easy to make and with a baking time of just 17 minutes they are perfect golden…

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Sunshine Paneer

The best thing about Caribbean cuisine is that it is so vibrant and full of flavour… it is like a rainbow of goodness! Now that I am back home I wanted to create a dish…

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Caribbean Cocoa tea

 Whilst on my travels in the Caribbean I have discovered a new found love for Cocoa tea. The Caribbean has so many cacao trees and cocoa pods are in abundance, each bearing lots of cocoa…

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My potato, cumin and curry leaf curry

For a tasty potato curry try my potato, cumin and curry leaf curry. It is truly a flavoursome and fragrant dish!  Ingredients 2 medium sized Potatoes cut into medium sized cubes One onion diced One…

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