Paneer in coconut gravy

Now that the weather is hotting up its only right to have food that transports you to the beach! This curry is the perfect blend of spicy, fresh and creamy and is like a nice…

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Dungri Bateta nu Shak

Sometimes only a simple, homely, comforting meal will do and this gujarati dish is just that! Its name is “Dungri Bateta nu Shak” which is Onions and Potato curry.    For my version I used…

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My Spice “Toolkit” 

My love affair with cooking, especially indian food, began with the amazing flavours I stumbled upon when mixing up and experimenting with different spices! The first rule is to always have ground spices and whole…

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Happy Easter! 

Happy Easter from Binny’s kitchen 🙂 Here is my Easter bunny made from mangos, blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, grape and green apple 🙂  xx  

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Stuffed Masala Aubergines with a spicy tomato sauce

Masala aubergines are the perfect, nutty and indulgent starter! Ingredients 4-6 baby aubergines is the perfect amount for 2 people. Use more aubergines as required. For the masala stuffing: A cup of red skinned peanuts (I…

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