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My Top Dream Destinations for a World Cruise

Cruising was something I had my first taster of a few years ago, going on a Mediterranean cruise with P&O Cruises. There were so many aspects I loved, which included the seamless check in, the…

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Don’t be fooled by a smile – The plight of Dolphins held in captivity and what you can do to help.

As a #TeamAnimals Ambassador for World Animal Protection I wanted to raise awareness on a very critical issue. The plight of Dolphins held in captivity and what you can do to help. Seeing Dolphins in Dolphinariums and…

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Attending The Asian Media Awards as a Finalist for ‘Best Blog’

Photo credit: Asian Media Awards I still remember the day a message popped up saying: We are writing to congratulate you as a finalist of the Best Blog Category at this year’s Asian Media Awards.…

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A Tuk Tuk Tour of Lisbon with Local Tuk Tuk

One of the most fun and practical ways to explore Lisbon, especially to get around the steep and narrow streets is by a Tuk Tuk tour, and I had a fantastic time experiencing the ‘Lisbon…

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The phenomenon of “photo prop” animals – Why you shouldn’t take a Tiger selfie

The popularity of “Tiger selfies” on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, have gained momentum as social media users find new and interesting photos to upload, and most don’t know the reality behind the tiger…

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