Spring 2021 – 20 lessons learned a year on from the start of the pandemic

Spring 2020. Hopes, dreams, plans all crushed and loved ones lost. A period of fear, quarantine and unpredictability. We had exciting plans to go to Panama, The Maldives, Doha, New York, and home to Kenya, for my annual trip.

However, on 16 March 2020 we all began, what we didn’t know at the time, a year of isolation. A year that tested us all and affected our mental health.

For me it was difficult, as I am sure for so many others too, losing my grandmother and then three months later my grandfather and not being able to go home for either funeral or be with my parents during what was such a tough time. I had to put a brave face on, be strong and carry on working each day as being self-employed means you can’t just take compassionate leave. You can’t let your clients down.

I really learned a lot about myself in this past year and as Spring 2021 marks a year of experiencing a global pandemic, I wanted to share some of these lessons and some positives I have taken from the situations as we look forward to the future with some hope and optimism that we will be able to be with our loved ones again soon as well as go out and do the things we have missed so much.

  1. Freedom should not ever be taken for granted ever again.
  2. Learn to be intentional with your time.
  3. You don’t need to feel guilty about not being productive all the time.
  4. Self love is so underrated.
  5. Kindness matters. We don’t know what battles someone is facing so be kind.
  6. Instagram is a showreel not real life.
  7. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted.
  8. Gratitude is so important. Be grateful everyday for the small things, big things and everything in between. Start a gratitude journal!
  9. Ramp up your resilience.
  10. Discipline when it comes to work will lead to success.
  11. Don’t wait for the right time or a special occasion.
  12. Material things don’t matter. Especially with a sustainability hat on, if they only have one use.
  13. Save more than you spend and make those savings work for you. Invest!
  14. Learn to slow down.
  15. Never stop learning. Whether it is watching documentaries, reading books or listening to podcasts, feed your mind and brain with new knowledge.
  16. Take those risks.
  17. Only save spots in your life for non-toxic people. You don’t need energy drainers.
  18. Help out causes that you can with social media shares. It does make an impact.
  19. Love yourself more than anything and anyone in the world.
  20. It’s okay if all you did during the past year was survive. None of us has experienced this before.

What did you learn or observe in the past year?

Binny xx

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  1. Food for thought. I think value of the seemingly small things in life has been recognised and will be more appreciated post-Pandemic. I personally am looking forward to Christmas with the family – which was rescheduled for Feb, then March and now April. A Spring Christmas will be novel.

    Posted 3.1.21 Reply
  2. Jo wrote:

    Firstly sorry for your losses, but I agree there’s been so much we’ve all learnt from this.

    Posted 3.1.21 Reply
  3. I love that despite all that has happened during this past tough year, you have learnt and shared some great lessons. I hope you get home really soon. Personally for me, I have really up skilled myself this year, been super created, letting go of those who have been draining my energy and learning to put myself first. B x

    Posted 3.2.21 Reply
  4. Emmalene wrote:

    These are such important lessons and beautifully put too. It has been an incredibly tough year so being able to take small positives is a gift. Here’s to better times over the next 12 months and beyond xx

    Posted 3.2.21 Reply
  5. I never in a million years thought something like this might happen but Spring is making me feel more positive!

    Posted 3.3.21 Reply
  6. What a year it’s been!

    Posted 3.10.21 Reply
  7. Laura wrote:

    Oh Binny, this list is so, so true. This year has been the hardest for so many reasons but I think it is important to try and learn from it x

    Posted 3.17.21 Reply
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