Why a Spa Day is beneficial to your well-being (and I will be booking one as soon as I can)

I think 2021 will be the year of the great UK Staycation whilst the Vaccine is being slowly rolled out and I personally am looking forward to exploring more of what’s on my doorstep until I feel confident and safe to do an International trip.

One thing I absolutely can’t wait to book is a Spa Day! I just want some R&R, to get a break from the busy working from home life and indulge in some pampering and self love. I feel like I have actually been spending more time at my desk than ever before and finding it tougher to switch off from work mode and immerse myself into relax mode.

One of the main reasons a Spa Day is top of my list to do once it’s safe is because spas are a fantastic stress management tool and I fully welcome the opportunity to relieve some stress! 2020 was a very difficult year for me losing my grandparents and beloved pets and I am in desperate need of some calm time.

Secondly, I really want to be able to switch off properly. A spa day is perfect for getting away from it all and enjoying some uninterrupted quiet time. Locking that mobile phone away in a locker and reading a magazine in between Jacuzzi sessions. Bliss!

There are also curative benefits of having a spa day, such as helping to lower blood pressure and helping alleviate any pain. 

Steam rooms are fantastic for helping to clear our skin, remove toxins and improve our cardiovascular health. I love steam rooms so much! 

However, one of my favourite treatments to book is a massage, which has the proven benefits of calming the central nervous system and improving blood circulation. I also love how it helps with my back pain as I suffered a back injury a few years ago and find massages really help me with reducing the painful flare ups  I occasionally get.

I also love booking a facial and giving my skin that pure indulgence. It always feels so soft and fresh after!

Finally, a day of full pampering leads to a better night’s sleep, which is something I have been really struggling with. I find myself unable to switch off mentally and regular get vivid dreams. I can’t wait to sleep like a baby after a self-care day at a Spa.

With all this time on my hands to research I have found Spa Day deals in Yorkshire and love the sound of day spa package they offer so it will be a strong contender for when I book!

What are you most looking forward to post-lockdown? Let me know in the comments.

This is a collaborative post but all views are my own.

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