Deli by Darjeeling Express

The much anticipated Deli by Darjeeling Express is open, and pays homage to beloved chef Asma Khan’s memories of the long railway journeys she would take in India with her family in the 70s and 80s.

Located on a much bigger site on Garrick Street, Covent Garden, it is a gorgeous space and the restaurant side, Darjeeling Express, is due to open soon on 5th December once lockdown lifts, so more on that once I visit! I did manage to get a sneak peek of the interiors though and it is stunning! Felt like an oasis of calm and serenity in the midst of Covent Garden!

Asma Khan needs no introduction. You’ve probably spotted her on Chef’s Table, on Netflix, but our friendship began during her residency at The Sun and 13 Cantons. At the time I had heard so much about Asma Khan’s supper clubs and food and so when I heard she had a pop up in Soho I knew I had to book, and go and experience the food for myself.

The food was of course incredible and we popped in for puchkas and masala tea on more than one occasion and it was always the chats we had with Asma, the warmth and the hospitality she bestowed upon us and the decadent home cooked style food that kept us coming back. I also visited her pop up at Druid Street Market and her Biryani Supper Club at the Cinnamon Club. More recently, we dined at Darjeeling Express in Kingly Court, and her team of wonder women constantly amaze me!

As we had seen that it was open for takeaway, we popped in to the deli to get some treats to enjoy at home, as a Friday treat, as well as indulge in Masala Chai.

There was such a warm and welcoming vibe and the aroma of the freshly brewed chai filled the air whilst excited faces all around (socially distanced of course) waited eagerly to collect their orders.

So much has gone into every single detail, and I loved the cups the Chai is served in! I also adored the caricature of Asma.

It was also so lovely to see Asma, albeit briefly.

The menu at the Deli is wonderfully priced and there is a great selection to choose from, whether you fancy toasties, kati rolls, curry or sweet treats. If you go, don’t leave without the chai!

Our order was:

  •  2x Masala Chai
  • Dahi Papri Chaat
  • Calcutta Chicken Kati Roll
  • Chilli Cheese Toasties

We then devoured it all at home for lunch. It was wonderful and so delicious! It all travelled really well and was still warm when we got home.

We will definitely be back soon to try more from the Deli menu. Have my eyes on the Spicy Potato and Cashew Nut Toastie next!

If in the area, I know I will also be grabbing a cup of Chai too!

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