5 Ways to spruce up a balcony, terrace or small patio

If you have a balcony, terrace or small patio and are looking for ways to spruce it up to make it more of a usable space I have some suggestions for you based on what we did to transform our terrace when we lived there as well as before we put our apartment up for rent.

We treated our terrace as an extension of our house and we ended up using it through the seasons. This is what we did:

Artificial Grass

First up, I wanted it to feel like a little oasis with a bit more of an outdoor vibe. I decided that Artificial Grass would be ideal, especially as it is low maintenance and looks good all year round. It would also make it look tidier once we put the furniture on top. It also gives a lovely pop of colour to the space and makes it warmer and a nicer place to retreat to to relax, whether it is with a glass of wine or a nice book.

Lights and Candles

I got some lovely lanterns and candles to add to the ambience for evenings. Solar string lights also cast a magical glow and save on electricity! To keep them charged just position their solar panels toward the sunlight.


To encourage using the space as an extension of the home, weather proof but comfortable furniture is a must. I love rattan furniture as it is hardy and gives those lovely holiday vibes. We simply store the cushions in a storage box and take them out when needed so that they don’t get damp if it rains.

We also got a coffee table that doubled up as a dining table for al fresco meals.

Fire pit

To make the space usable on colder evenings, I highly recommend getting a fire pit. Ours doubled up as a grill for barbecues in the summer as well as kept us warm in the cooler seasons. We really made great use of it.


Balconies or terraces are great places to grow plants, especially herbs that you can then use for your cooking! Plus as they are have more shade than gardens plants can actually thrive more in some cases. The plants also make it look like a mini jungle which is really pretty.

Have you spruced up your space? What did you do?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Grass Direct.

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