5 Life Lessons from Dr. M.M. Chandaria

Though there are many life lessons we have all learned over the years from my Nana, Dr. M.M. Chandaria, on behalf of my family I wanted to share 5 that are significant with you today. Some of these will also resonate with many of you who were fortunate to know him.

Firstly, my Nana taught us that with hard work, perseverance and determination you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. He was an excellent example of this having started out in the business world with just 5000 Ksh as capital. Over the years he built a business empire that spans globally.

This leads me on to the second life lesson, which is that no matter how successful or wealthy you are it is important to stay humble. My Nana demonstrated this in his daily life and was known for his humility. He never wanted to boast about his success or wealth. 

Thirdly, from a young age something my Nana showed me was the importance of giving back. I remember him telling me one day that the more you earn the more you should give and that is something that has stuck with me until today and something that I actively try to do as much as possible, as well as trying to use my voice and platforms to influence positive change.

Fourthly, Education was something my Nana truly believed in even though he himself had only had primary education. He always pushed myself, my brother, my cousins and even my sisters in law to constantly learn and up-skill ourselves. As a female that worked in a male dominated industry for 10 years he told me to work hard and shatter those glass ceilings and to learn all the necessary skills to do so and so I challenged myself to do extra Banking qualifications so that I could go for promotions whilst I was at the Bank. It was an industry that he was very fond of!

I was so proud when he was awarded an honorary doctorate not once, but twice during his lifetime!

Finally, he taught me the importance of good habits. One of the best habits I learned from my nana from a very young age was to wake up early and use that time wisely to work on my dreams and passion projects and it is thanks to this very habit that I could leave my job in Investments and set up my own business 3 years ago.

My Nana was one in a billion and if I can make even a small percentage of the impact in my life that he did I would count myself blessed.

You can also read my tribute to my Nana here: https://www.binnysfoodandtravel.com/2017/12/07/a-thank-you-and-tribute-to-a-very-special-person/



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  1. Piyush R Gosrani wrote:

    Hi. I am so much humbled to have worked under your Nana’s chairmanship at Guardian Bank Limited. I have personally met him almost 3 times.. He was a really humble man who would understand all. May his soul rest in eternal peace. I had the privilege of joining yesterday ‘s zoom meeting for the Shradhanjali. Piyush

    Posted 8.7.20 Reply
  2. AJAY SHAH wrote:

    A very Fitting Tribute to a thorough Gentleman for whom i had immense respect. May the Lord MAHAVIR rest his dear soul in eternal peace having joined KAKI in the heavens above.

    Posted 8.10.20 Reply
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