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As someone who was born by the Sea and an island girl for 16 years of my life, the Ocean has always been special and my happy place. It is even where I got engaged!

This is why I am always advocating and educating about the impacts plastic pollution has for all the sea life and always looking to source more eco-friendly products. Small steps in changing our lifestyle to a more eco-conscious one can have a big impact on saving the ocean, as long as we encourage more and more people to make those changes!

As a wine lover when I heard about Sea Change Wine I was intrigued – a brand that was passionate about protecting our oceans from plastic pollution whilst selling some great tasting wine. They very kindly sent me a bottle to try and from the moment it arrived I was so excited to crack it open and see if it was genuinely good wine!

The team behind Sea Change, whilst small, are impactful and are determined to make a difference. Every bottle of Sea Change sold helps to fund ocean conservation projects across the globe. As a brand they have taken even more steps to make the wines they sell eco-friendly in addition to their fundraising. I have to admit I had no idea how a single bottle of wine can have so many aspects that are actually harmful for the environment.

Let’s dive into the various aspects they have adopted now.

Firstly, the wines are ethically sourced from wine producers who also practice a more ethical and sustainable viticulture. It is so much re-assuring to know that from vine to cork there is sustainable production methods incorporated fully!

Secondly, the bottles used for bottling are lightweight and are designed to cut down on the amount of raw materials needed and therefore reduce the amount of fuel burned when shipping them around the world.

Thirdly, they use “Grape Touch” labels made from 15% recycled grape waste, with the rest of the paper coming from Forest Stewardship Council-certified trees. This is amazing! I had never even thought about all the paper waste that went into labelling beforehand.

Fourthly, their stoppers contain no plastic and are fully biodegradable which is fantastic! No need for corks and no need for those plastic screw top things, both of which add to non-recyclable waste unnecessarily and if you drink wine frequently (like me) then these things tend to add up.

Finally, they have done away with the use of a “capsule,” which is the plastic cover that wraps round the neck and top of the bottle. It makes you realise that did we ever actually ever need that anyway?

I am seriously impressed as I had no idea just how many different elements of a bottle of wine can contribute to plastic pollution or which are not biodegradable/recyclable. It has been really eye-opening for me so thanks Sea Change for educating me on all these important elements.

Having eco-credentials is absolutely fantastic but to me taste is also important and so on a hot sunny day I put their Sauvignon Blanc (chilled in my fridge beforehand) to the test!

When taking a good sniff I got zesty citrusy aromas of lime and grapefruit with hints of apples and peaches. It is perfect for summer, and a lovely dry, refreshing drop. I enjoyed it in the garden paired with brie and it went beautifully together!

You’ll notice that the label has a picture of a Mediterranean Fin Whale. I love that Sea Change are highlighting sea life that are impacted by plastic pollution on each of their wines. Sales of the Sauvignon Blanc will help fund beach cleans that will aim to reduce plastic waste which is superb!

According to Plastic Oceans UK, Mediterranean Fin Whale are believed to ingest in excess of 3,700 plastic particles every day – that is an extremely startling figure!

In addition to the French favourite Sauvignon Blanc, you can also buy Provence rosé, Prosecco, Chardonnay, Negroamaro, Merlot and Prosecco, and you’ll see a different member of the Sea family illustrated on the labels from Dolphins to Starfish.

I know which wine I will be stocking from now on! If this has encouraged you to source more ethically produced wine I highly recommend checking out Sea Change’s range. Not only will you be doing your bit for the Oceans, you will be drinking fantastic wine too!

You can view the full range and buy the wines here:

I was kindly gifted a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc by Sea Change but all views and photos are my own.


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