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When we were deciding on how best to use the spaces in our new home, my office was my biggest priority as I had previously had a small box room in our previous home and I now wanted something more spacious as I was going to be working from home a great deal more.

We decided to make our second living room my office as it was the most central room in the house, really bright, airy and open-plan in design, and with easy access to other areas of the house such as the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom as well as close to the front door.

It also has large windows, a feature that I love, especially during the summer with a rose bush just outside that I can get glimpses of from where my desk is facing.

In addition, I could add in my dream velvet sofa and style it up so if I had any clients over it was lovely and inviting.

We had pretty much gutted the house when we bought it and so had a blank canvas when it came to deciding colour schemes and the types of flooring for each of the rooms. For 90% of the house, after lots of research, samples and deliberation, we chose to go with Engineered Wood Flooring, and in particular, a light grey Oak colour, which complemented the light grey paint we had decided on for our walls. We had been deciding between carpets, Engineered Wood or Solid Wood floors. In the end we only ended up putting carpets in one room.

We picked Engineered Wood firstly for its durability and long lifespan, as well as the aesthetics of it, as it looks exactly like solid wooden flooring. Underneath the veneer surface, Engineered Wood contains numerous layers, which creates a wooden flooring board that’s high in stability. Ours is similar to this: Henley Engineered Silver Grey Oak Matt Lacquered Click Lok 130mm x 14/3mm Wood Flooring.

Secondly, it was more cost-effective than solid wood flooring and quicker and easier to install, which was a major factor as we didn’t want anything to delay us moving in. With its easy tongue and groove system, the wooden boards fit perfectly together.

Thirdly, it’s so quick and easy to clean compared to carpets, and relatively low maintenance in the long run. Everyday stains and spillages can be quickly cleaned off  with a mop and dust can easily be hoovered up. I suffer from dust allergies and so this was a key consideration for me in a room that I’d be spending lots of time in on a daily basis.

We also had a rescued Hamster for a short period who we loved dearly and the Engineered Wood Flooring was perfect for him too to run around on as well as easy for us to clean up any remnants of his food or bedding.

If you are thinking of changing your flooring or are moving into a new home, I would highly recommend considering Engineered Wood Flooring as one of your options. We are really happy with its maintenance, look and feel and durability.

You can see more examples of the types of Engineered Wood Flooring available here:




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