The Future of Travel post Covid-19 – Short term trend predictions

Travel is an industry that has been impacted so greatly by Covid-19, from first causing mass disruptions and cancellations to then eventually coming to a grinding halt as lockdowns were imposed worldwide, and still are in some parts of the world.

What lies in the future of the travel industry post Covid-19? It is now slowly re-emerging but there will be changes in how travellers will embrace it going forward alongside a whole host of new regulations that travel companies, hotels and airlines will have to adhere to in a rapidly evolving landscape.

I asked a poll on my Instagram on how comfortable my followers felt about flying and whether they were likely to fly later this year or in 2021 and 40% said later this year whilst 60% said 2021! This didn’t surprise me as I too currently am sat in that 60% camp.




+ Face Mask, Hand Sanitiser, Gloves, Anti-bacterial wipes…behold the new normal. Will this be our new travel checklist?

Here are my thoughts and predictions of how travel will change in the short term.

A rise in domestic travel

I predict a rise in road trips, including an increase in the demand for car hire, as well as more train travel as more people seek domestic travel through staycations and day trips across their own country, or on ferries to close European destinations, till they feel that it is safe to fly again. There will be more of a desire for outdoor trips within nature to counteract the fact that everyone has been stuck indoors too.

Have a read of my Recommendations for Staycations.

A rise in demand for remote or boutique hotels

The demand for massive all inclusive resorts will fall and instead people will seek more boutique, smaller hotels and if they happen to be in a remote location where social distancing is a way of life already, an added bonus!

There will also be a rise in demand for self-contained accommodation such as villas and cottages.

A rise in responsible and sustainable travel

The consumption of disposable face masks and single use plastic has shot up drastically since the pandemic hit and as hard hitting statistics are released on the impacts of plastic pollution worldwide I think there will be (well I hope there is) a realisation and desire to be a more responsible and sustainable traveller to help reduce further damage.

Whether it is booking eco-hotels, setting off carbon emissions, supporting wildlife tourism or choosing to advocate recycling or re-usable products such as cloth masks, every little helps.

The Buffet will be a thing of the past…for a while

With concern over ensuring the hygiene of buffets, I think these will be stopped or limited and instead food will be ordered to the table or have to be pre ordered. A shame as the breakfast live-cooking stations was one of my highlights when staying at hotels!

Private excursions over Group excursions

Large group excursions, which were popular as they were cheaper, will see a reduction in demand as people will want to keep socially distancing when travelling and people will look to book private tours instead or tours in much smaller groups.

Short haul over long haul

For a while there will be greater demand for short haul trips until people are fully comfortable to go on a long haul flight. In the short term this will also be guided by local restrictions and air bridges formed with certain countries.

Some countries may introduce a deposit scheme to enter as has been seen with Cambodia whose government has said all foreign arrivals have to pay $3000 to cover potential coronavirus costs. This is an additional expense to consider when planning any travel.

Hygiene and sanitisation will be a priority

When booking a trip, hygiene and sanitisation will be a top criteria whether it’s airlines, hotels, restaurants, theme parks etc

We will all be like Naomi Campbell from here on out. She had the right idea all along!

Will the way you embrace travel change?


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  1. kerry wrote:

    Oh the thought of a buffet has never been something I am comfortable with, but now it makes me feel sick! I will be glad to see the back of them. I am hoping and praying that the pandemic will encourage people to think carefully how they travel. Our little planet needs us to be way more considerate to it! It will be strange times ahead for a little while for sure.

    Posted 7.1.20 Reply
  2. I’m afraid I just can’t do buffets at all, they never look attractive to me and now especially it just makes me run a mile. I am very happy about the fact that we’ll be considering more sustainable trips now as the earth has suffered and had a nice ‘holiday’ during lockdown. I will be enjoying more remote and sustainable style holidays but probably starting with staycations.

    Posted 7.1.20 Reply
  3. Neha wrote:

    This was a great read and spot on! Agree with what you have said. Won’t get on a plane until next year unless something magically changes later in the year. Love the Naomi Campbell style too. Also can’t think about walking around in a hot country with masks on.. can just about wear them now when I have to

    Posted 7.1.20 Reply
  4. Colin Melhuish wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more, the UK has never needed tourism more.
    There are some great places to visit in the this coutry, I love just going for a random wander in a place I’ve never been to before and discovering new places that are bit off the beaten track. Though getting lost and losing track of my hotel is a hazard!

    We can’t travel much right now so why not go and find somewhere new by accident?

    Posted 7.1.20 Reply
  5. I agree, it looks like so many changes are on the horizon. We haven’t got anything planned for this year and if we do anything it won’t be until September at the very earliest.

    Posted 7.1.20 Reply
  6. Thankfully there is such a lot we can see easily in the UK – we are spoilt for choice here! I do hope that the quiet and rural places don’t become overrun and impossible to book now everyone wants them!

    Posted 7.3.20 Reply
  7. Emma wrote:

    I really think more people will look to holiday closer to home – there are so many unseen parts of the UK. My brother is a manager at Premier Inn and his Great Yarmouth hotel is maxed out for most of the summer. People want to get out and about again.

    Posted 7.4.20 Reply
  8. Everythings seems so unpredictable at the moment doesn’t it? I do believe that some changes will be for the better though, including supporting UK tourism and a greater focus on responsible travel. I think we have to be flexible, and accept that travelling as we know it is going to change.

    Posted 7.7.20 Reply
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