How you can help to put an end to the global trade in Wildlife

If COVID 19 has taught us one thing, it’s that an end to the global trade in wildlife is much needed – sooner rather than later!

Did you know that every day, thousands of animals are killed either for food, harvested for traditional medicine, traded as ‘exotic’ pets or forced into a life of suffering in entertainment? Yes!  Well as an example, you’ve all seen Tiger King. But stop and have a think about the awful conditions those Tigers were kept in in those cages and have a think about where they got the Tigers from initially?

Photo Credit: World Animal Protection

This is not just the case for Tigers, but the case for all animals that are being traded globally. Sadly they are kept in the most awful conditions and go through an unimaginable amount of suffering.

This is what has also led to a hotbed of diseases emerging that originate from animals, leading to catastrophic deadly outbreaks like SARS and now, as we have all experienced this year, COVID-19.

Photo Credit: World Animal Protection

Animals that are sourced for this global trade are snatched from their natural habitats against their will. Babies are separated from parents, herds and prides broken, and the entire process is extremely distressing for them. It can sometimes result in injury and even death!

As well as needing to end the pain and suffering inflicted on animals, we must stop this trade now to help prevent future global health crises and protect our environment for generations to come. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to re-live anything like COVID-19 again! I also want the future generations to see animals in their natural habitat. We are losing so many species due to our own doing. Let’s try and save them so that our future generations don’t just look at their preserved remains in museums and pictures.

The COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe like wildfire, with the whole world coming to a stop. None of us were prepared for it. We were not able to travel, borders were closed and the majority of the world’s population was confined to their homes under quarantine and lockdown. We have also sadly lost an unprecedented amount of people to COVID-19. The impacts have been far and wide. Jobs have been lost, families suffering devastation of losing their loved ones and disruption felt everywhere.

What is apparent is that we can no longer ignore the dangers of exploiting wild animals as ultimately it impacts us too.

How you can help:

Photo Credit: World Animal Protection

The UK government has an opportunity and a responsibility to lead the world in bringing an end to the global trade in wildlife. This year, at the G20 summit in November, we want the government to call for a global wildlife trade ban and to introduce a new law to ban the import and export of wild animals and wild animal products in the UK.

Please join us in calling on the government to secure a global wildlife trade ban and end the import and export of wild animals and wild animal products into the UK by signing our petition.

Sign the petition now!

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