10 reasons to put The Canary Islands on your radar for Winter Sun

10 reasons to put The Canary Islands on your radar for Winter Sun
This post is part of a paid campaign to promote the Balearic and Canary Islands, as part of their #SpanishIslands Campaign. Although all views are my own and I have not been instructed what to include.

If like me you’re currently clutching a hot water bottle, your heating is on full blast and you’re finding any excuse not to leave the house to brave the cold, and thinking ‘‘I wish I’d booked a sunny holiday’ then its time to add a Winter Sun destination to your holiday planning radar.

My recommendation is The Canary Islands, just off the north-west coast of Africa, as it really does tick all the boxes.

I visited Fuerteventura last year in mid-December and was amazed by just how warm it was!

Here are our 10 reasons why you should put The Canary Islands, each with its own distinct charm, character and appeal, to your travel radar immediately. I am already making plans to!

1. You’re guaranteed good weather

Being from Africa myself, it didn’t surprise me that due to their proximity to the African coast, the Canary Islands have bountiful sunshine with over 300 days of sunshine a year! Because there are 8 islands (Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa) to choose from, you can pick a different one to explore each year.

2. Short-haul flights

If you’re flying from Europe, the great news is that the flights are short-haul and during the low season you can pick up some great bargains!

3. The beaches are quieter

The beaches are so much quieter in comparison during the winter season so you’ll have more privacy and tranquility, as well as a plethora of  different coastlines to pick from be it the classic golden sands to the more unusual volcanic black sand beaches.

4. Dramatic scenery

Each of the Canaries has a distinct character with incredible landscapes to marvel at. Whether its lava-sculpted mountains, volcanic sand beaches, lush green forests or the rugged coastline, there’s so much for a nature lover to explore.

Pictured is the Bayuyo volcano in Fuerteventura, which is located above the town of Corralejo, and is just wonderful to see, especially of you are a geology geek like me with an affinity for volcanoes.

5. You can experience the sand dunes

The Canary Islands are renowned for their sand dunes and I loved the Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo, one of the most-visited natural sights in Fuerteventura and home to the largest sand dunes in the Canary Islands.

It is so lovely to see the contrasting landscapes and feel that soft sand between your toes.

6. You can enjoy Al fresco dining

Whether its cocktails by the beach or a glass of wine with lunch in the sun, indulge in al fresco dining, a real novelty during the winter months without wearing layers and relying on a heater!

7. You can go on a Jeep Safari

Explore the islands in a Jeep Buggy! It is so much fun and an excellent excursion to experience something unique and different. You can tailor the experience to be personalised based on what you want to see, and if brave, drive one of these amazing buggies yourself!

8. Simply relax and unwind

As you are on a vacation, dedicate some time to relaxing either on the beach or at your resort, with a good book, a cocktail as well as making time to enjoy a swim, either in your hotel pool or the sea.

9. It’s reasonably priced

Not only are the flights short (from 4 hours), as its low season, prices of package deals are significantly lower making it a great destination for a great value end of year holiday.

10. You can do  water sports!

Unlike other destinations, water sports run all year round on many of the islands so it is the perfect opportunity to learn surfing, diving or go snorkelling, among other water sports.
During my visit I had a surfing lesson which was so much fun!
Have you visited The Canary Islands for Winter Sun? Let me know in the comments.
This post is part of a paid campaign to promote the Balearic and Canary Islands, as part of their #SpanishIslands Campaign. Although all views are my own and I have not been instructed what to include.
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