My Top Dream Destinations for a World Cruise

My Top Dream Destinations for a World Cruise

This post is in collaboration with ROL Cruise.

Cruising was something I had my first taster of a few years ago, going on a Mediterranean cruise with P&O Cruises. There were so many aspects I loved, which included the seamless check in, the comfort, the choice on board when it came to entertainment, restaurants and bars, as well as that exciting moment when you woke up in a new port! I absolutely loved the experience!

Having had a taster of some of the European destinations, I would love to go on a broader cruise, such as a World Cruise, and my top dream destinations for a world cruise would include South America, Galapagos and Amazon, The Polar Regions, as well as Australia and New Zealand. These are all destinations that are so incredibly high on my wish list, and going on a World Cruise would enable me to tick them off in a more time efficient way than trying to do them all as separate trips.

Having had the opportunity to see them through the cruise, I can then decide which one I want to return to on another trip in order to delve into it for longer.

It would be literally the trip of a lifetime. Imagine being on board a ship, in the middle of the ocean, discovering a plethora 0f destinations, for 90 or 120 days, with not a single care in the world!

Having been born by the ocean, its my favourite place to be, and such a fantastic place to get a taster of different destinations, see incredible things, try fabulous new cuisine and new experiences and soak in so much culture.

Ships have so much to do on board as well as when you disembark, so there is never a moment to be bored too. Some ships offer cooking classes, dance lessons and even have live performances, so you can come away having learned something whilst on board too.

I am so excited to plan a World Cruise in the near future, with a cabin that has a balcony, so in the morning I can sit outside, with a mug of coffee, and take in my new surroundings of the new destination that I am about to explore – wouldn’t that be dreamy?

Have you ever been on a World Cruise? What would be your dream destinations? I’d love to know in the comments xx


This post is in collaboration with ROL Cruise.

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  1. November 7, 2019 / 10:30 am

    I have never been on a cruise (apart from a 3 day one on Halong Bay) and not sure if this would appeal to me but I’ve seen many amazing options out there.

  2. November 12, 2019 / 1:27 pm

    That would be the dream! I love cruising, 12 days till my next one! I would love to do a cruise around Asia.

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