Summer BBQ Masterclass with Chef Cyrus Todiwala, OBE, DL

Summer BBQ Masterclass with Chef Cyrus Todiwala, OBE, DL
My experience was complimentary but all views and photos are my own.

With the weather becoming more glorious, I was delighted to spend a day with Chef Cyrus Todiwala, OBE, DL, on a Summer BBQ Masterclass at Cafe Spice Namaste, at his ‘Mr Todiwala’s Academy’ in partnership with Poggenpohl and Gaggenau in the company of 9 other eager cooks, ready to learn some nuggets and techniques from one of the most amazing Chefs out there!

Chef Cyrus Todiwala, OBE, DL is such a lovely person, always makes time for chat and his and his wife Pervin’s hospitality is always so warm and welcoming, and prior to the class starting I enjoyed talking to them whilst sipping on some tea whilst we waited for everyone to arrive.

He runs a whole range of Masterclasses that you can book on his website, and they are also ideal to give as a gift to a keen cook, as well as attending yourself to learn something whilst feasting on some seriously amazing food.

We started the morning with a demonstration on how to make Gỏi xoài tôm, a prawn and mango salad with an irresistible zesty salad dressing. The prawns were so flavoursome and easy to peel.

Chef took us through the steps in a fabulous way, instilling that confidence in us that we can replicate this at home without the need for fancy kitchen equipment and with easily accessible ingredients. It was the perfect salad for summery days and I will definitely be attempting to make this at home.

Next up were burgers with a kick – Pork, Spicy Chorizo and Beef, and you can off course adapt it to be without beef if you don’t eat beef. Chef showed us how to make the mix for the patties and then grilled them.

All the ingredients were fresh and Chef also showed us how easy it was to make Mayonnaise in a matter of minutes, which went perfectly with the burgers.

During each dish, we happily devoured the freshly made food, and Chef didn’t give us the recipe packs until the end to ensure we focused and paid attention rather than flicking through and trying to read the recipe as it went along. This was really effective.

Chicken Tikka Kala Miri Masala was next, which was a variation of the classic Chicken Tikka with black peppers, as Chef was showing us how we can experiment with lots of different flavours and marinades.

As we went through each demonstration, Chef told us about the history of certain dishes and where their names originated from, such as Sheek kavaab/Kabab, whose name comes from the type of skewer on which they are cooked in the Tandoor.

As not everyone has a Tandoor at home, Chef showed us an alternative way of cooking them on a grill. They were absolutely delicious, especially with the addition of dry fruits and walnuts.

We had this accompanied with two amazing salads, an Oriental Coleslaw with a kick, and Currimbhoy Salad, which is one of the most famous salads served at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai which is made of boiled eggs, garden fresh lettuce and coriander, tossed in a lime and garlic mayo dressing.

After the Masterclass you can sit down to a gourmet lunch if you still have space after eating all that incredible food during the class!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and came away learning a lot and feeling really inspired on thinking outside the box when it comes to Summer BBQ recipes – especially as I have just recently acquired a new BBQ Grill!

If you are a keen cook or want to expand your knowledge on a specific topic, Chef Cyrus has different Masterclasses available which include Indian Street Food dishes, Fermentation & Pickling and Sauces and Curries. You can find out more here:

My experience was complimentary but all views and photos are my own.
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