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Healthy is the new sexy,” the neon sign displayed in this cute restaurant a few minutes from Goodge Street station, is the motto for Kalifornia Kitchen, and I totally love their ethos! They are completely free of any animal products and single use plastics, something I am trying to incorporate into my life. While I don’t follow a plant-based or vegan diet, I was really intrigued by their menu and decided to take Kerry, a fabulous blogger who is Vegan, with me so that I could get her honest opinion on what she thought of the food.

The decor at Kalifornia Kitchen is utterly stunning – the bottom half a hot pink oasis with a more casual vibe whereas upstairs is slick, trendy and interior goals, and the perfect spot to escape the madness of Oxford Street and catch up with friends or even go on a date! It’s not tacky at all and actually has a classy vibe upstairs. The tables are also set apart adequately and so it doesn’t feel rammed inside at all. The flower walls, quotes on the walls and marble tables hint at it being on trend, especially for Instagram, but it has a nicer feel than the usual Instagrammable cafes around.

Kerry and I were swooning all over their decor and it was giving me some serious inspiration on how to decorate my home!

Being a Friday, we decided to strike a balance between naughty and nice and so had a glass of Prosecco as well as their Kalefornia Juice, a refreshing blend of Kale, apple, celery, cucumber & lime.

All the food on the menu sounded so so good with such a medley of different ingredients and flavours. We were spoilt for choice! Kerry decided to try the Kalifornia Guac Burger which was a Moving mountains B12 burger, guacamole, crispy lettuce & lemon mayonnaise, usually served with paprika & thyme fries, but Kerry decided on Sweet Potato Fries. She really enjoyed her burger!

I decided to try the Sri Lankan Curry which was pickled shallots, cauliflower, potato & courgette, pickled mustard seeds served with rice, dill oil & lime coconut yoghurt. It was honestly so delicious and wiped away my stereotype that vegan food isn’t as tasty as non-vegan food. I would eat this again in a heartbeat!

I was too full for dessert but Kerry braved the Buckwheat and Banana pancakes, served with coconut yoghurt, caramelised bananas & almond brittle, as she had been eyeing it earlier on the menu. It could easily be a dish you had for breakfast, brunch or dessert!

I settled on a lovely Cacao Latte – the perfect end to a wonderful lunch!

I really enjoyed Kalifornia Kitchen and feel that the menu is excellent and even if you are an avid meat eater, you would totally enjoy the variety of dishes and flavours that they offer! The portion sizes are also really good and I would definitely go again and try some more of their dishes.

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  1. I love the decor there!

    Posted 4.15.19 Reply
  2. Laura wrote:

    I love the interiors! I haven’t been to a vegan restaurant before.

    Posted 5.11.19 Reply
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