A Celebratory Breakfast at Claridge’s

Waffles at Claridge's

April is always a month filled with lots of celebrations for me, as not only is it my blog’s birthday, but also our wedding anniversary. On this year’s wish list of celebration venues, Breakfast at Claridge’s, in their stunning Foyer, was a must, and so on the Tuesday after the long weekend, we arrived through the stunning entrance, the scent of fresh McQueens Spring flowers in the air. I was also marking 6 months of being self-employed, and I believe that small victories must of course be celebrated.

The reason why Claridge’s breakfast was featured so highly on my wish list was to do with my obsession with the TV programme ‘Inside Claridge’s,’ which if you haven’t seen, it is an absolute must for a fascinating insight into what happens at such a quintessential hotel, which is a true British institution, having opened its doors in 1856.

I do keep hinting to the other half that spending the night at Claridge’s is also on my wish list but he pretends to not hear me 😛 Still working on it.

For our breakfast, we were seated in the gorgeous Foyer room, hungry, and very excited, as usually breakfast at home is a very dull affair in comparison. Quite possibly the best way to start a day, in my honest opinion.

McQueens flowers at Claridges

With fresh juices on offer, we hydrated ourselves, in a lovely cosy corner, with an orange and grapefruit juice each, while we pondered what to indulge in for our first meal of the day.

Breakfast at Claridges

I have always been one for a savoury breakfast and so I chose the Asparagus and Serrano Ham, topped with a Burford brown poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. It was delicious and the poached egg had the perfect runny yolk, but I was too hungry to capture it.

Breakfast at Claridges

Breakfast at Claridges

Amit on the other end is the total opposite, and chose to go for waffles, served with mixed berries and Cornish clotted cream. It is safe to say that he totally devoured it all, a testament to how delicious it was. I wasn’t even offered a piece to try! He asked for maple syrup and streaky bacon on the side, and had a big smile on his face.

Breakfast at Claridges

Alongside our delicious breakfasts, the Coffee deserves a special mention. Not only was it re-filled much to my delight, it was so perfectly brewed! Having read more about it on the menu, intrigued by why it tasted so good, it transpired that their coffee selection has been carefully curated in partnership with Workshop Coffee, using beans from a number of producing origins, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Burundi.

I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast – the service was impeccable and charming, the Foyer room was absolutely stunning and the food was divine. I will definitely bring myself back for a breakfast treat very soon! It was totally worth it.

You can visit Claridge’s website here.





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  1. April 10, 2018 / 8:06 am

    Claridge’s has to be the best place for a celebratory breakfast!

  2. April 11, 2018 / 12:17 pm

    How lovely! What a perfect place for your celebratory breakfast!

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