Dim Sum Delights at Dim Sum Library – Hong Kong

Dim Sum Delights at Dim Sum Library – Hong Kong

img_1755During my trip to Hong Kong, I loved trying all the various Dim Sum offerings in eateries. On one evening, we had been invited to Dim Sum Library, which can be found in the Pacific Place Mall. It is part of the Aqua Group of restaurants, and I have dined at some of their London restaurants, my favourite being Hutong, as I am obsessed with Sichuan flavours. They serve all day Dim Sum and Chinese Tea Cocktails, which I was really intrigued about.

As we walked in, I instantly adored the elegant art deco modern decor style and the welcoming vibe. There is a long Chinese style cocktail bar at the entrance which leads to the very spacious restaurant, which has a lovely buzz.

I was pleased to have a fabulous corner table, as I absolutely love people watching, especially observing what people order so I can either have food envy and then order the same dishes or get an idea of what the dishes look like.


Amit and I ordered Cocktails to start with, and I opted for the Blackened rose buds, which was delicious – a blend of Ketel One Vodka, infused with Jasmine Tea, served long with dried lime, a homemade jasmine syrup, fresh lemon and Fever Tree tonic.

Amit picked the One Thousand Years of Song, which was Jasmine Tea infused Tanqeuray Gin blended with a chilled white peach puree, yuzu and lemon juice, fresh egg white, and served short over cracked ice.


The Dim Sum dishes are designed to share and so we started our Dim Sum feast from Dim Sum Library’s Exclusive Menu with Wagyu Beef Puffs with Black Pepper. I had never seen Dim Sum in this style and texture before and it was an instant hit with me. Not surprisingly it is also one of their most popular dishes!


Next up was Hokkaido King Crab and Sea Urchin Spring Rolls. Now I was a little dubious about how this would taste as I had tried a Sea Urchin dish many years ago and had not been a fan, but I was so pleasantly surprised with this, as was Amit.


Then arrived a dreamy selection of Bao and Dumplings. There was a Dan Dan Xiaolong Bao, which was innovative and at first bite the spiciness caused a revelation to the taste buds. I think this was definitely my favourite but a close second was the Black Truffle Har Gau Shrimp Dumplings, because Truffle in anything just tastes absolutely divine! The Black Garlic Siu Mai Pork Dumplings were tasty but for me the black garlic was probably an acquired taste. Amit really rated these though!



We tried 3 different dishes for our main course. How we managed to do that after that Dim Sum feast, I have no idea, but the aroma of all the delicious food wafting through the restaurant, as well as sneaky glances on neighbouring tables, kept us going.

First up was the Yunnan Black Truffle Crispy-Skin Chicken, which was just glorious from the perfectly cooked skin, the marriage of flavours and the textures and taste.


My absolute favourite and the dish which I had initially been unsure about in my mind, was the Crispy Aubergine tossed with Salted Fish and Chinese Chives. I had been a bit worried about the Salted Fish but it goes to show how you should never judge a book by its cover. This dish blew my mind and even while typing this up, I can’t help dream about  it. It was definitely one of the dishes I would recommend the most and it is such a generous portion too, so ideal for sharing!


Also an incredibly generous portion, and full of flavour was the Iberico Pork Fried Rice with Sakura Shrimps and fennel seeds. It had such complimentary ingredients and was a really fantastic taste sensation. I really enjoyed all three main courses, but definitely am biased towards the Crispy Aubergine because OMG it was so good.


For desserts we indulged in Lava Mango rolls coated with roasted almond, which were crunchy on the outside and velvety on the inside and so tropical in taste. I loved these!


Like heaven served in a pot was the Tofu Panna Cotta, with its smooth, silky textures and delicious comforting taste. Every spoonful of it was absolutely delightful. I have to say this was my first Tofu Panna Cotta and it definitely impressed me!


I thoroughly enjoyed the entire meal and the service was excellent as was the beautiful presentation and execution of each of the dishes. I really enjoyed the experience, trying new dishes, being pleasantly surprised by the ingredients, the novel combinations and would highly recommend this to anyone in or visiting Hong Kong. Add it to your list!

For more information, visit their website here.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Dim Sum Library but all views and photos are my own.


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  1. December 6, 2017 / 9:42 am

    Wow, it looks amazing. Love the Art Deco .

  2. December 7, 2017 / 9:39 pm

    I love dim sum! What a perfect place to eat all those fantastic dishes! (Big yum for the Wagyu Beef Puffs with Black Pepper!). xxx

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