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As I was enjoying my lunch of Butter Chicken with a Sweet potato and Butternut Squash Tikki, Date and Tamarind Chutney and rice, I couldn’t help wanderlusting about the fabulous meals I have had in India and how I would love to explore more of India as the food served is so dramatically different, depending on where you go.

Usually after long days of Indian clothes shopping in the intense heat, or wandering about during the day we would reward ourselves with an appetizing meal, and the meal I was tucking into for lunch reminded me so much of those times.


This meal was so hearty and delicious and the perfect way to perk myself up during one of my working from home days, where I have very little time to prepare lunch in the midst of conference calls and work.


What is even more impressive is that this only took a couple of minutes in the microwave to enjoy restaurant quality, but healthier, decadent food.  This was all thanks to the North Indian Chicken Tiffin from Nom Noms World Food, which is presented in a fabulous box that mimics a suitcase and is definitely a premium quality ready meal. Thank you for letting me try these out!


Butter chicken is generally my go to order in restaurants and this version was sublime and super fresh. What was even better was that I was enjoying it rapidly in the comfort of my own home.


I also tried a different North Indian Chicken Tiffin which was a superb Chicken Biryani accompanied with a Pea and Paneer Tikki and Mango Chutney, which was equally as scrumptious.

Moving away to the African continent, my third meal made me reminiscent of hot days in the Sahara dessert, meeting Berbers and marvelling at the majestic Majorelle Gardens, whilst enjoying the traditional Moroccan Tagines for our meals, whether it was lunch or dinner.


Tagines are found everywhere in Morocco, in homes, restaurants or street side stalls.  The dish is named after the conical clay pot in which it is cooked and also served. Tagines are usually thick stews of vegetables with meat added in the middle as an optional. It is meant to be a sharing dish and is usually eaten with bread.

The version was Nom Noms World Food was a delightful Fruity, Chickpea and Carrot Tagine with Coriander Couscous, Rghaif Moroccan Bread and a Roasted Red Pepper and Rose Harissa Dip. Dreamy combination of flavours and the nostalgia that hit was testament to the accuracy of the cooks at Nom Noms World Food for getting this absolutely spot on.

There are other global flavours available in the Nom Noms World Food range such as South Indian Keralan Fish Thali, Malaysian Chicken Laksa, and even a British Roast Chicken Dinner to name a few. There is also a children’s range called Mini Nom Noms, and a variety of wraps available.

I really enjoyed the convenience, quality and nostalgia that came with it, and would definitely get some more as not only do they taste really lovely, each box sold has a “one for you, one for them” motto. This means that every meal sold will equate to a donated meal to an underprivileged child, ensuring that they are able to stay in school and be educated and well fed.

It is also a great way to learn about the food from other countries which may be on your travel bucket list, and experience the depth and variety of flavours that the country is proud of.

You can purchase the Nom Noms World Food range from Ocado so get ordering!



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