My Top 6 Travel Outtakes – funny moments and disasters

From my photos on Instagram, my tweets and my Facebook updates, everyone probably thinks my travels consist of me sipping mojitos, sun bathing on a beach or eating at lovely restaurants as well as trying to see as much of the destination as possible. A lot of that is true but there are also some behind the scene aspects that you never get to see.

This post contains some awful pictures so if you need a good laugh or are having a bad day hopefully this will produce some light humour.

The pictures that will NEVER EVER make it on Instagram

First of all, there are some photos that will NEVER make it on Instagram! Such as the food photos below – I am actually upset with myself because I went for lunch at the Hotel Chocolat restaurant in St Lucia and forgot my camera so had to use my phone (iPhone 5 at the time) to take these food photos.

Safe to say you will never find a review on this particular lunch either for this reason!

Then there is the result of TOO many Mojitos in Mauritius combined with a lack of straightener and voila you get me looking like a hungover and curly mess LOL


And finally, the below was taken in Vienna, when I gave up on fashion because it was too darn cold and donned a hat to save my ears from frost bite. I don’t think anyone has seen me in a hat since.


The original photo and the edited version

Ever find the most instagrammable spot (this one was in Lisbon) and then someone just annoyingly sits in the middle refusing to move and ruining your shot while you wait patiently for 20 minutes?

Take the photo……


…And then crop them out!



The before and after shots

Everyone has seen the picture of me kissing a giraffe in Nairobi, Kenya (repeatedly) and I love that photo…because well I am kissing a giraffe.


However, the truth was different…


I was actually freaked out by its raspy tongue LOL

The holiday flings

Much to my husband’s despair, a lot of our time on holiday is me running after goats, sheep and cats. Yes I am weird but you all knew that already.

Take Tom (yes I name them all too)…we met, fell in love and were pretty inseparable for around an hour. An hour which could have been spent looking at slightly more exotic animals like tigers or bears!


Not forgetting all my holiday cats! If I see a cat that’s it. Toby turned up on our last evening in Mauritius and not only did I ensure he slept in our verandah that night (and he actually did…the loyal sweety), I cancelled all my plans to go swimming, sunbathing and out for lunch on our last day to sit there with him right up until the time we had to leave for the airport.

I think I might need c0unselling!

The truth behind the photo

During the afternoon tea we had at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, the resident Warthog decided he wanted to join our party.

I don’t know what came over me that day because I am never scared of animals, but I totally freaked myself and my mum out to the point my mum ran inside the hotel and I climbed up on the chair thinking that it was going to eat me alive. The poor warthog just stood there bemused and not sure what to make of me!

After a while I realised he just wanted cake and let him be. Him and the other warthogs were actually cute and cheeky little chaps.

The golf wife

Finally, when you are married to a golfer you become the caddy and a whole day of your trip goes into you driving (with him constantly criticizing your driving) him and a golf kit around a golf course. The not so glamourous part of my holidays such as this day in St Lucia.



So there you have some behind the scenes of what actually goes down on our holidays! Do you have any funny moments that have happened on your holidays or aspects you will never reveal on social media? I would love to know in the comments section below.

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  1. How funny that we have almost identical ‘after kissing a giraffe’ face!

    Posted 2.2.17 Reply
  2. Sooo funny! And who knew you had rather curly hair?!

    Posted 2.2.17 Reply
  3. Tanja wrote:

    like the photos with the animals:) #travellinkup

    Posted 2.3.17 Reply
  4. hahaha Binny! those giraffe photos had me laughing

    Posted 2.3.17 Reply
  5. I love these photos, Binny! And I still think you’re the cutest with or without makeup! x

    Posted 2.5.17 Reply
  6. aeparker81 wrote:

    Love the little warthogs, although not sure I’d want to share my dinner with them either

    Posted 2.6.17 Reply
  7. Hehe i am giggling at the warthog story!

    Posted 2.8.17 Reply
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