24 random facts about me – plus 10 bonus ones ;)

24 random facts about me – plus 10 bonus ones ;)

To celebrate my 24th birthday (plus 10), here are a list of random facts about me πŸ™‚

  1. This is probably a super obvious one but I love a good classic Mojito.
  2. I was born in Mombasa, Kenya and then moved to Nairobi when I was 16
  3. I speak English, as well as Swahili and Gujarati (but not so fluently).
  4. My favourite dessert is a creme brûlée.
  5. I studied at Cardiff for undergraduate university, followed by Manchester, for my postgraduate, where I got a M.Sc. in Marketing
  6. However, somehow ended up in Banking, specifically Investments. Hello Stocks and Shares and Funds :p
  7. I am the only girl in my family amongst 6 brothers (1 real and 5 cousins).
  8. I can be a real diva.
  9. I have an addiction to handbags. My argument is that they are Investment pieces.
  10. I can play the piano, although haven’t done so in a while.
  11. When I was young I tried to learn Karate and failed.
  12. ….Same with ballet. I can’t dance at all.
  13. Despite growing up in Africa, I have only visited Tanzania, Zanzibar, Egypt, Morocco and Mauritius on the continent so clearly have a lot more travelling to do.
  14. My favourite part of the world is the Caribbean and I am convinced I must have lived there in a past life as it is my happy place.
  15. I once built an app to promote tourism in Kenya called Our Kenya.
  16. I have tried sea urchin sushi (and hated it).
  17. I have also tried eating Ant eggs when I was in Mexico City
  18. ….As well as grasshoppers (don’t judge)
  19. I am happiest on a Catamaran, out at sea with a glass of rum punch in my hand.
  20. I love animals, and spend a lot of money fostering elephants and rhinos in Kenya.
  21. I am obsessed with Cats so if anyone feels sorry for me a kitten would be a great present!
  22. I am a terrible driver and have not even tried to take a test yet as I drove my mum’s Jeep into the British High Commissioner’s fence in Kenya.
  23. I have kissed several Giraffes.
  24. I prefer coffee over tea

Ten bonus facts πŸ˜‰

  1. I would choose Red wine over white wine
  2. My favourite perfume is Lancome Miracle
  3. I have a belly piercing as well as multiple ear piercings
  4. I can’t blow bubbles with chewing gum
  5. My dream destination is Bora Bora followed by the Galapagos Islands.
  6. I travelled by myself for the first time to Mexico City this year.
  7. I am obsessed with Adam Scott (the golfer)
  8. I actually own a golf kit but am pretty terrible at golf.
  9. My best friend and I have seen a ghost when we were younger
  10. My all time favourite movie is My best friend’s wedding

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  1. November 5, 2016 / 12:37 pm

    Happy birthday and great set of facts!!!

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