Breakfast at Cinnamon Soho

Breakfast at Cinnamon Soho

On a Sunday morning, we walked through Carnaby street and arrived at Cinnamon Soho for breakfast. There is something so lovely about Central London early in the morning.

There is no signs of hoards of tourists, the air feels fresh and crisp, and you can actually window shop as you walk along without obstructed views. Oh and you don’t have people bumping into you! It is like being in a parallel universe.

As we walked into Cinnamon Soho, I admired the coloured walls and decor. It has a relaxed vibe, with a chic bar at the end of the room. I have been to Cinnamon Soho for dinner and High Chai before, which was really good.


We settled down on a corner table and had a look through the menu. It was one of those cases where I wanted everything! I had purposely not eaten anything at home in anticipation and was really hungry by this point.

We both decided on Masala Teas to start with. When I had been to Cinnamon Soho a few years ago I had not been a fan of the tea, but am so pleased to say this was so delicious we had 2 cups each! The spices were perfectly balanced and it was a hug in a cup.

I was torn between all the various options for parathas as they all sounded so good. I decided to go with Aloo Paratha, which is Parathas filled with potatoes with a hint of chilli. Priced at £4.75, this is so reasonable considering the location!

My paratha came with a serving of house pickle and pomegranate raita. Now I am a pickle-aholic and the combination of the pickle, raita and parathas were pure heaven. I am already trying to slot in a return breakfast visit to try the other parathas!

Amit went for the Big Veggie Kitchen Mash up, priced at £9.50, which is again very reasonable. His meal had Bollyflower cheese paratha, 1 fried egg, kadhai field mushroom, spicy potato and vegetable boonda bomb. He got an assortment of pomegranate raita, tomato chutney and house pickle to accompany it.

He absolutely loved his breakfast and his favourites included the paratha as well as the spicy potato and vegetable boonda bomb, which he shared half of with me so I could try it and have to say it was scrumptious.

The food was excellent and the perfect way to start the day. The fantastic thing is that the breakfast offering is not limited to the weekend. It is available on weekdays too. It would make a perfect venue for a pre-shopping breakfast, catch up with friends or family, or a breakfast meeting with clients. It is so reasonably priced too!

Our breakfast was complimentary but all views and photos are my own.

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