A pamper session and much needed me time at Thai Square Spa

A pamper session and much needed me time at Thai Square Spa

Life has been so busy lately, both in the day job and blog life. Several events and trips have resulted in a massive to do list which can get overwhelming when you feel like you have limited spare time to write everything up, combined with deadlines.

When the opportunity arose to review a treatment at Thai Square Spa, in Charing Cross, it could not have come at a better time.

My favourite blogger Aftab from Fresh and Fearless decided to banish any Monday blues by booking in our Spa sessions for Monday evening. It was the best decision as we had something to look forward to and thus Monday felt like a good day for once! If you know me you know Mondays are usually the least favourite day for me.



As we stepped into the chic and classy spa, we were met with aromatic and soothing scents  from the incense burning, very relaxing lighting and calming music. It was a world away from the busy London streets with the traffic, masses of people and stress outside, as well as the annoying drizzle.


I went for a Traditional Thai Massage (£75), which focused on the neck, shoulder and back. We  both chose 1 hour sessions and excitedly changed into our robes and slippers, leaving our worries away.



I was led to a spacious spa room and offered some lovely herbal tea to sip on while my feet were soaked in a bowl filled with warm floral water. I was treated to a lovely foot massage and this was such a nice way to start the treatment as I felt immediately relaxed.

I then lay down on the bed, face down, closed my eyes for the rest of the hour whilst the masseuse gave me the most amazing massage ever. It was just what I needed and I could feel all my worries and stress fading away while I lay there in a zen like state. All I could hear was relaxing music and nothing else.

I had never had a Thai massage before and whilst I was lying there I was already trying to think when I could schedule the next one in. It was that good!

The masseuse started with a very tough massage, and I could feel knots an tension disappearing and my muscles relaxing. The next stage was very relaxing with beautifully scented oils. This also moisturised my skin so nicely that for days after I felt like my skin was so hydrated.

For the last 15 minutes, I turned over and had a head and neck massage which was so dreamy. I literally did not want that hour to end!

It got me thinking that sometimes taking time out for yourself is vital in order to re-balance, re-juvenate and look at things from a different perspective. For me, it also forced me to have a social media detox for the time that I was at the spa as if you know me you know I am constantly on my phone either tackling my blog emails or working on my social media posts.

I felt so much better after my spa session and literally felt focused again and less stressed out. I think I need to schedule in more relaxing evenings just to stay balanced and there is nothing wrong with a little pamper here and there. You need to do things for you šŸ˜‰

I was so impressed by the spa itself too. It is a really luxurious spa, and open till 9pm on weekdays, which makes it the perfect place to go after work to unwind. I had previously had the (stereotypical) idea that you had to take a day out for a spa day and this proved that you can have a pamper at our own convenience! I can’t think of a better way to end a Monday to be honest!

There is also a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna so you can relax some more after your treatments.


If you are looking for a fantastic spa, Thai Square Spa ticks all the boxes. They have a fantastic range of treatments, and you can choose from half hour slots or one hour slots, as well as other types of sessions, so there will definitely be something available which is perfect for you.

For more information, go to: http://thaisquarespa.com

My spa treatment was complimentary but all  views are my own. 


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