Product review: Ainsley Harriott’s Cous Cous range

Product review: Ainsley Harriott’s Cous Cous range

I remember coming home after school and watching Ainsley Harriott on TV. What a chef! When I was asked to review his newly relaunched Cous Cous range I was keen to give it a go as Cous Cous is a dish I have been slightly scared of cooking.

These packs are 125g and perfect for days when you haven’t got much time and want to eat something healthy, low fat and which tastes really good.

I had my eyes on the Aromatic Thai Style Cous Cous and so on my working from home day I decided to try it out for lunch.

I stir fried some tofu pieces in a chilli and garlic paste (shop bought) and set aside. I then prepared the Cous Cous by simply placing it in a  bowl and pouring 200ml of hot water over it. I let it stand for 3 minutes to let the Cous Cous absorb the water and then it was ready to eat!

I added the Tofu pieces and that was it! Lunch was ready 🙂


As it was a particularly warm day, I decided to eat my lunch al fresco in the sunshine. It was delicious and I loved all the different aromatic flavours.

There are other unique and interesting flavours in the range such as Moroccan Medley, Sundried Tomato and Garlic, Lemon, Mint and Parsley, Tomato and Chilli, Wild Mushroom, Spice Sensation and Roasted Vegetable. I can’t wait to try the other flavours.

This was such a quick, fantastic and tasty meal and 1 packet has so much Cous Cous it could feed 2 people! I was so stuffed after eating it and really enjoyed it. You don’t even have to add other ingredients as it is packed full of so much flavour already. If you like Cous Cous this is really tasty!

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