Cocktails at Drake & Morgan King’s Cross

Cocktails at Drake & Morgan King’s Cross

It had been ages since I had visited the King’s cross area and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many new eateries and bars in the vicinity. I am always up for a new cocktail bar to try.

I was especially absolutely blown away by Drake & Morgan, in King’s Cross, which Amit and I made a last minute spur of the moment decision to go to.

It is a cocktail bar and a restaurant and the decor is incredible, unique and trendy and the staff are so much fun, full of humour and such great enthusiasm. A great escape from the hustle and bustle of  a busy day, and a fantastic venue to catch up with friends over drinks.

I went for a Mojito (what a surprise) and Amit went for an Old Fashioned.

This was a seriously good Mojito (I am really fussy) and one I would happily go back by myself, and sit at the bar and enjoy another one.

The bar is massive, with both an upstairs, downstairs and outside area and is really classy and spacious.

This visit was a short one but definitely it is a close enough local  on the Northern line to add to my favourites list!

King’s Cross


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