The Real Greek Cookbook

The Real Greek Cookbook

The Real Greek are a group of 9 restaurants dotted around London, serving food that reflects the spirit of Greek cuisine.

They have recently released a cookbook, which I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing and it is a really lovely book!

I didn’t realise the depth and variety of different flavours used in Greek cuisine and was pleasantly surprised at the plethora of different flavour combinations included in each recipe.

The book has a good balance between non-vegetarian and vegetarian recipes, and every dish just sounds fresh, tasty and easy to make, with the handy simple easy to follow steps.

I am a massive aubergine fan and so decided to try the Aubergine wedges with garlic yoghurt.

This was really easy to follow. I started with the batter, which includes beer. I partly chose to make this recipe as I have never had aubergines in a beer battered crust before so this was part of my “try something new and different” self-imposed rule.

I let the batter sit for a while, as well as the aubergine wedges, which I had sprinkled with salt.

Cooking them was really easy. All you have to do is dip each wedge in the batter and deep fry it.

For the garlic yoghurt, I simply mixed everything in my food processor and chilled it until I was ready to eat it. It tasted delicious. Simple ingredients but superb flavours!

There are so many other recipes I want to try and this is perfect for summery days, as everything is lighter, healthier and simpler to make.

The book is available from all good retailers, all The Real Greek restaurants for a special introductory price of £10.00* from 14thJuly (* introductory price offer valid until 31st July 2016 at The Real Greek).



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