Paul A Young: Exclusive Tasting Event – The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set

I have a penchant for fine chocolates and an avid TV box set lover (when I can get my hands on the remote) and so a collaboration between award winning Chocolatier Paul A Young and Sky Box Sets is genius.

Box of chocolates for when you are watching box sets 😉

I wandered into the Wardour street Paul A Young store, for a private and  intimate tasting event, themed around The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set, which is a unique handcrafted box of chocolates inspired by well known #addictivelygood TV shows on Sky.

The aroma of chocolate when you walk into the store is intoxicating and I was amazed by the variety of chocolates and flavours available.

Here is a sneak peek of The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set before I reveal any more further on in this post.

We went downstairs to the Kitchen, where chocolates are freshly made by hand everyday. Not a mass producing machine in sight! The kitchen is massive and spacious and we had been set up our own little area for tasting (as well as the challenge of decorating some chocolates), on the marble counter.

Paul introduced himself, although he really doesn’t need an introduction, and talked us through how we devised the various flavours and designs that represented Sky’s addictively good TV Shows.

He watched over 100 hours of Sky Box Sets for inspiration and had spent over 300 hours hand making the various chocolates.

The final selection, as per below, represent Sky Box Sets as a whole in the centre of the box, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, The Affair, Broadchurch, 24, Fortitude, Penny Dreadful and Nashville.

We started off with Nashville – A truffle with superstar quality that delivers style and substance. Its indulgent filling combines lip-smacking southern sweet treats such as pumpkin pie, doughnuts and maple syrup. Perfectly finished with gold dust, sleek foil and a sparkly rhinestone it’s 100% sassy just like the women of Nashville.

Next up was The Affair. All is not as it seems with this romantic heart-shaped chocolate. Pretty as a picture from afar, but up close, imperfect and tarnished with seductive secrets simmering under the surface. This chocolate reflects the twists and turns of a love affair with a sweet strawberry centre and bitter aftertaste.

Fortitude  is wrapped up in a frosty white coat to protect Fortitude’s uneasy residents from the secrets within their community, this chilling chocolate boasts a mountainous exterior to match the show’s setting. Infused with mint, pine, and clove oil, it will leave taste buds feeling icy-cold just like the Arctic air. This really threw me as I usually expect a white coloured chocolate to taste like white chocolate but this was minty and cold just like the show,  but delicious!

We were shown how the chocolate is tempered on granite and prepared painstakingly by hand every day.

We then had the awesome task of dipping the chocolate in the melted chocolate and decorating them ourselves.

Not as perfect as Paul’s but not a bad attempt 😉

The chocolate that represents Sky Box Sets as whole, is just like the addictively good shows available on Sky Box Sets. The melt in your mouth truffle will leave you wanting more and more. Combining white chocolate, salted caramel and popcorn, this sweet treat is the ultimate companion for a Box Set marathon.

To represent Mad Men, this tall, dark and handsome creation is suited and booted in a 72% Venezuelan dark chocolate complete with a polished bronzed finish. Infused with Bourbon, the show’s infamous drink of choice and paired with a hit of smoky paprika this chocolate has serious Madison Avenue edge.

This was seriously good and literally the perfect chocolate for the board room!

Next up was Broadchurch, inspired by the seaside with a salt water ganache and clotted cream truffle. Encased in dark chocolate mirroring the shows twisted storyline and adorned with deck chair stripe decoration, this chocolate will leave you with salty lips and a chilling sensation.

Paul showed us how the deckchair inspired stripes were finley painted on with coloured cocoa butter and we had a go ourselves.

Safe to say, mine did not look as thin or perfect as Paul’s demonstration and it was a lot harder than it looked to do. This made me appreciate the work that goes into handcrafting these chocolates even more! They take hours to do and all we do is stuff them in our mouth without even thinking of that part!

Penny Dreadful, the seventh selection, is enrobed in 83% Ecuadorian dark chocolate and nestled in lavish purple foiling, this opulent treat is the epitomy of gothic glam. To represent the darkness and depth of the psychological thriller, inside awaits an intense and sultry raspberry ganache infused with Chambord and at its centre sits a sumptuous griottine cherry waiting to be discovered.

Who doesn’t love 24! This was my favourite out of the whole selection! Hand-painted with the show’s iconic countdown clock, this chocolate has been designed to linger on your palette for a full 24 minutes. Pairing cayenne pepper, gin and thyme, with a whole coffee bean at its centre, the punchy, explosive filling will provide extra stamina for a race against the clock adventure.

The Final one, representing The Walking Dead, really grabs your attention with its vivid design. Just like the walkers of the TV horror drama, this white chocolate has a gruesome exterior, emblazoned with a bloodshot eerie walker eye but is dead, hollow and soulless on the inside.

We had a go painting these ourselves too which was so much fun. Definitely an idea I am saving up my sleeve for Halloween.

I had such an amazing time learning about the flavour choice for each chocolate and how it represented each show, as well as picking up lots of valuable tips from Paul, on how to create chocolates, as this is something I am hugely interested in.

Paul is such an inspiring chocolatier and he talked us through his background and he has done so much in his career it is incredible!

The chocolates are amazing so do get a box to enjoy in front of your favourite TV show! The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set is on sale for £15.50, while stocks last, and all proceeds will be donated to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), an amazing cause.

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by Sky Box Sets. All views and photos are my own and the chocolate is absolutely delicious.


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  1. This looks incredibly good fun! I love chocolate so much, I’m not sure I’d be able to pick a favourite from all of those, they sound so yummy.

    Posted 7.15.16 Reply
  2. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) wrote:

    Oh my gosh Binny, this sounds like so much fun! I absolutely love Paul A Young chocolates and it’s usually the go-to brand my hubby always picks for me on special occasions. So exciting that actually got to meet him and make chocolates with him! He once did a chocolate afternoon tea at this hotel which I went to – it was ages ago though so apologies for my rubbish photos!

    Posted 7.15.16 Reply
  3. This sounds like so much fun! =) I do like Paul A. Young choccy. I’ve also been to one of his workshops some time back. I love the passion to produce good quality chocolate!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    Posted 7.16.16 Reply
    • Binny wrote:

      Its amazing isn’t it!! Have a fantastic weekend hun xx

      Posted 7.16.16 Reply
  4. I’m addicted to Sky box sets! Sounds like a need a box of Broadchurch choccies for my next TV marathon 😉 x

    Posted 7.16.16 Reply
    • Binny wrote:

      Yes yes u must!!! Lol is Broadchurch your fave? I need to watch it!!

      Posted 7.16.16 Reply
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