JING Flowering Tea 

JING Flowering Tea 

Perfect for summery days as well as garden tea parties, the JING flowering tea range is both beautiful and delicious.

I was sent the Flowering jasmine and lily as well as the flowering Osmanthus to try and some stunning tea-ware. I love JING tea and have been a fan of the premium, perfect teas for a long time. In fact, I always say that you know you have a brilliant Afternoon Tea when JING is available on the menu.

The packaging is resealable which is fantastic to help preserve the tea for longer. Each pouch of the flowering teas has 2 buds inside.

My first experience was of the flowering Jasmine and Lily tea. I have tried Jasmine tea before so I was expecting a similar taste.

Here is the bud pictured below without the water added.


Here it is opening up! It is so fascinating to watch!


Fully flowered. How delicate and beautiful does it look! So impressive and so tasty too. Gentle notes of Jasmine and Lily and such a calming drink.  Much nicer than what I imagined it to taste like too.

The second flowering tea I tried was the Osmanthus, which is green tea hand tied around osmanthus blossoms and orange lily petals. This was my favourite out of the two as I liked the slight citrusy flavours although they were both gorgeous and full of flavour.

The flowering teas are such a source of joy and calm and just watching them open up had me mesmerised. Both were really aromatic and pretty.

You can purchase them in varying amounts, starting with 2 bulbs for £3 which I think is so reasonable if you want to try them without too much commitment to having lots to store.

Having tried them myself now I would definitely buy more for myself or to give as gifts as they are so wonderfully unique and a great addition to any tea lover’s collection.

For more information go to:https://jingtea.com/shop/tea-type/flowering



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