The Old Thatched Inn

The Old Thatched Inn

Just under an hour’s drive from North London, the Old Thatched Inn is a pretty British Gastropub located in the picturesque town of Adstock, near Milton Keynes. Our drive there was beautiful, with gorgeous country lanes and greenery all around.

Once we arrived, we parked on the road opposite and wandered into the pub. It was really spacious and with lovely interiors and lovely wooden beams.

To start with we ordered our drinks and then had a look at the menu to decide on what we wanted to eat. On the specials menu, I spotted whole baked rosemary and garlic studded Camembert with onion jam and a selection of breads so of course we ordered that to share. With a description like that I was enticed.

 We devoured it, totally appreciating the perfect gooey melted cheese and the infusion of flavours.

For mains Amit went a special and it was Pan roasted rainbow trout with crushed potatoes, vegetable ratatouille and buttered samphire.

The fish was a peachey pink hue so Amit thought it would have had an overly fish taste, but upon trying it, he was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it, saying it was full flavoured.

I went for Honey and Pear Cider Sausages which were served with roasted garlic and parsley potato cake, buttered seasonal vegetables and a red wine gravy. It was really delicious and I loved the texture of potato cake.


For dessert we shared a warm banana bread with honeycomb butter caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

This was utterly divine and I wish I could have it again. The flavours complimented each other and the banana bread was just so scrumptious.

The venue is stunning and country style. It is not far from Bicester Village so a nice alternative place to go for a meal if you’ve finished shopping by lunch time or want an early dinner after shopping.

The food tasted very fresh and the service was really good and not too busy so you can have a pleasant meal.

Although quite far to go from London, it is really lovely and if I am in Bicester or close to Milton Keynes in future, I would definitely go again for a drink or some food.

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My meal was complimentary but all views and photos are my own.


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