A Lobster Masterclass in St Malo, France with a Michelin Star Chef

Warning: Vegetarians look away now!

During our press trip to Saint Malo, in Brittany, as part of our itinerary, we were fortunate in having a cookery masterclass on Brittany specials with Michelin starred Chef Luc Mobihan at Ecole Du Gout, a lovely store where you can purchase ciders and wines and which has a little cooking school upstairs at the back of the store.



Chef Luc’s Michelin starred restaurant is called Le Saint Placide, and serves up amazing cuisine using fresh and seasonal produce from Brittany.

I had my favourite bloggers with me for this lesson which made the experience even better, Sandra from Cake & Whisky, and Omo & Eulanda  from Hey!dip your toes in.

In our session, we were taught how to make Financiers with Beurre Bordier, as well as how to prepare lobsters and then cook them in several ways. The butter in Brittany, by the way is so amazing I even brought some back with me!

Starting with the Financiers, Chef Luc taught us the methodology in making the batter perfectly and how to fill each cavity in the silicon mould. He half filled some with raspberries and some without for my benefit (berry allergy) and placed them in the oven while we moved on to the Lobster masterclass.


I have never cooked lobsters myself, only ever eaten them in restaurants so this was a first for me and quite an experience.

First he showed us (with lobsters who were still alive) what to look for in a good lobster. The main tip is to check that there is  no gap between the head and body. I did get a bit spooked by the moving lobsters but soon was too entranced to be squeamish.


We were then showed how to prepare the lobster and cut it in the right way.


In went all the different parts into the boiling water to be cooked and Chef Luc taught us three different dishes we could make with the lobster, ensuring no wastage of it at all.

We were taught how to make Lobster Minestrone and Rigatoni, Lobster bisque with fresh micro herbs and pan fried lobster with wild asparagus and a saffron sauce which was out of this world.


We got to try micro herbs and wild asparagus which were both so amazing! We also ate brussel sprout flowers which were gorgeous.



All 3 dishes were spectacular and it was interesting to see the way in which a Michelin star chef dressed up a plate to make it look artistic and beautiful so we definitely gained so much knowledge from the course.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile he taught us how to make the lobster dishes, we were treated to some amazing sparkling wine from the Loire Valley.


As for the financiers. Wow just wow. So gorgeous and so easy to make too! I will definitely make them sometime soon.


If you are planning a trip to Saint Malo, it is really worth organising a cooking class with Chef Luc in advance. It is a lovely way to learn techniques from a Michelin starred chef and a fantastic experience. It is also a superb way to see how best to use seasonal produce. I certainly hope I can find some wild asparagus as it was heavenly.

The Cooking class with Michelin Star Chef Luc Mobihan 2h30 40€/per person

Please book either online at http://www.lebeurrebordier.com/jean-yves-bordier/l-ecole-du-gout/ or calling +33 (0) 299201720 and for information of the classes please visit: http://www.cave-abbaye.com/ecole_du_gout_4.htm






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  1. OMG, just thinking back about it makes me so hungry!
    Truly a one in a lifetime, amazing experience!!

    Sandra | Cake + Whisky

    Posted 6.15.16 Reply
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