Lunch at The Cavendish – 35 New Cavendish

Lunch at The Cavendish – 35 New Cavendish

The Cavendish, is a modern bar & brasserie located in the heart of Marylebone, away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, but with such an amazing atmosphere and ambience around it. There is seating inside, both downstairs near the gorgeous bar, upstairs as well as outside. It was a fabulous warm and bright day so we opted to sit outside. It was the perfect spot for people watching and felt like you were elsewhere in Europe.

We cooled down with some Barrel Aged Negronis which are a house special. They were perfect for the weather and really lush and refreshing.

A lovely surprise was Head chef Douglas Santi coming by our table to say hello. He then proposed that he would choose a selection of plates for us to try and so we sat back and relaxed while waiting to see what he had in store for us. Sometimes it is good to not have to make decisions and just let yourself experience dishes without any pre-conceived ideas.

The first plate to arrive were Lobster mini sliders which were so delicious. We wolfed these down so fast as they just tasted incredible.

Next up was Tuna Tartare. Now this dish was a revelation for me. I would never have ordered it myself and my family and close friends know that I shy away from Tuna. However, this turned out to be my favourite dish from the whole selection. It just goes to show you never know until you try and I would definitely eat this again! Infused with chilli, soy and with avocados for the win, it was a delightful array of flavours and the ingredients just tasted so fresh.

British Asparagus and artichoke in olive oil and parmesan was up next. Perfectly cooked, the ingredients so simple but the taste mind-blowing. I am a massive asparagus lover so was very happy that this was one of the dishes Douglas chose to send for us to try.


The third dish was king prawns, which had a lovely kick and immense flavour, on a bed of quinoa. Really really nice dish and full flavoured. I liked the contrasting textures in this dish and it worked really well.

Next up was mains and first out of the 2 dishes to arrive was a generous portion of Lobster spaghetti which was perfectly cooked, spiced and divine. Comfort food at its best!

Amit’s favourite was the Grilled chicken with chunky chips and he ate most of it but I was fine with that as I was getting full by this point and wanted to save space for dessert!

Douglas must have read my mind and sent us a massive bowl of Pistachio Creme Brûlée each. I am glad Amit got his own portion as there was no way I was going to be sharing this delicious bowl of dreamy, perfect and indulgent creme brûlée. IT WAS JUST AMAZING.

The table next to ours ordered from the brunch menu and their food looked incredible too. It is an amazing spot for a late lunch or brunch and the service is fabulous. I really forgot I was in London for the entire meal. I actually felt like I was abroad as it was such a lovely relaxed meal and the surroundings were cute and peaceful.

I loved the menus, the food, the drink and also the location. If you are looking for a nice place to eat during the day, it is fantastic. I am sure it is equally good for dinner too as the all day menu had some really good choices!

The food tasted fresh, I loved that seasonal ingredients were used and it had modern twists to traditional favourites and done very well!

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Our meal was complimentary but all photos and views are my own.


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