Farmhouse Brunch at Roux at the Landau

Sunday brunch is one of my favourite ways to spend Sundays and the Farmhouse brunch at Roux at the Landau is seriously up there with amazing bottomless brunches.


Located in the grand circular dining room of the restaurant, as you walk in you are greeted with a beautiful display of farmhouse themed fresh produce and the most elegant buffet I have seen, of a selection of starters and desserts.

The concept is you pick whether you want free-flowing champagne or bloody mary with your brunch, and decide on your mains, and then you can have your pick of starters and desserts from the buffet.

The ambience is fantastic and there is a live performance from a musician so you can listen to chilled out and superb music while you dine. It really did enhance the atmosphere!


While we were deciding, we were shown the Somerset Lamb before it got carved and it was glorious! Other diners did choose this for their mains and it was served with garlic boulangère, mint and a horseradish condiment.

I have to say the service at Roux at the Landau is impeccable and it is just lovely how they take their time in between courses so you don’t at any point feel like you are being rushed. Everything is explained so well and thoroughly.

While we contemplated what to get, we were given a fantastic bread basket, butter and some dips to nibble on with some carrot and celery batons.

For drinks, I went for the bloody mary, which was served beautifully with a celery stick and some sliced baby tomatoes, and Amit went for an orange juice.

Starters at the buffet

I tried to capture as much of the buffet and the choices of starters as I could so you can see just how amazing the selection was.

I went for Devilled Burford Brown egg,French and Italian charcuterie and cheese and Haricots verts ‘ravigote’. I also tried the Wye Vallery asparagus, morel and Gruyere quiche which was heavenly.


For mains, Amit went for the Hay baked celeriac risotto, brown butter, confit egg yolk. This is the most stunning risotto dish I have ever seen and everything was cooked to perfection, including the egg yolk, which once cut into spread out on to the risotto in the most beautiful way.

I couldn’t resist trying some and it was just so full of flavour and delicious.

I went for the Eggs benedict, ventrèche bacon, grilled king oyster mushroom and smoked hollandaise. Yes it tasted as amazing as it sounds and literally THE best Eggs Benedict I have ever had. Brunch to me always means Egg Benedict and I will be back for this one.

And look at that yolk drizzling out. Just perfectly cooked!

Sneak peek of the kitchen

While we were sat at our table in a semi food coma from the amazing food we had eaten so far, Head Chef Oliver Boon came over to say hello and asked if we would like to go inside the kitchen to have a look. What an amazing opportunity!

It was such a thrill to see a working kitchen in operation, and at this point the restaurant was packed with hungry diners. I got the first hand view of orders coming in, how they were organised and meticulously prepared and garnished and I truly appreciated the skill and effort that went into preparing our brunch that day.

The best part was, under so much pressure there was such a nice feeling of family and joy coming from the chefs working in the kitchen and they did say that Chef Michel Roux Jr. was an amazing boss!

A massive thank you to Chef Oliver Boon for letting me into the Roux at the Landau kitchen to experience the atmosphere and witness the amazing skills and love that go into the fantastic dishes. A little about Oliver Boon – you may recognise him from Master Chef, where he was a finalist! I can tell you that he is absolutely lovely and I feel really honoured to have met him.


After that amazing experience of going inside the Kitchen, it was time for dessert. I had seen earlier that a Brown sugar Creme Brûlée and Passion fruit and chocolate eclairs were available, and so those were definitely on my list to try. I also tried the Aztec chocolate mousse with a coco nib tile.

The whole dessert range is as follows, which I quite nicely captured on camera for your benefit!


After our meal I left feeling so happy and satisfied and that it was a Sunday well spent. I would really recommend going to eat at Roux at the Landau on a Sunday for their Farmhouse Brunch as it is absolutely amazing in terms of the choices available and the service is exceptional.

If you are celebrating a special occasion, this is a unique and different way to celebrate instead of lunch or dinner. The Egg Benedict was so dreamy and delicious I know I will definitely be back for it soon!

Sunday Brunch by Roux
11.30am to 3pm.

£49 including coffee and tea or £75 with free flowing Champagne or Bloody Marys.

For more information and to book go to:

I had a complimentary brunch but all views and photos are my own.


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