Tea tasting at Bois Cheri Tea Plantation in Mauritius

Tea tasting at Bois Cheri Tea Plantation in Mauritius

Bois Cheri Tea is one of the major tea brands in Mauritius with lots of history and heritage behind it, having been in production since 1892. It was established by Messrs Bour and Le Breton, and the 250 hectares of land now produce up to 700 tonnes of tea every year, 25% of which is reserved for exportation.

It is also one of the few tea plantations where you can visit for a couple of hours, see how tea is processed and packed, as well as spend some time in the museum. You also have the opportunity to go for a tea tasting and try the different variations of Bois Cheri Tea.

This was my favourite excursion out of all the ones we did and the scenery (which you will see later) was just breathtaking.

The processing

We started our tour of the tea plantation learning about all the different machinery used and how the tea is picked, dried and refined.

The scent of the tea leaves was intoxicating and I became very nostalgic of Kenya.

It was fascinating to see the steps that it takes for the tea to go through, as well as the contrast between legacy machinery, most of which are still in operation, as well as more modern machinery.

The packing

We then moved on to the packing area and there was some packing done by machinery and some by hand.

The most interesting and fascinating part for me personally, was the way in which tea bags are packed as I had never seen that before.

After watching some packing being done, we sauntered over to the museum to watch a short clip, as well as marvel at some of the artefacts, including the locomotive pictured below, and read interesting parts of history about tea.

Tea tasting

At this point we got back into the car and drove along a bumpy road with trees on either side, and a massive lake before we got to a stunning colonial style house which had the BEST views I had witnessed on this trip. Just look at that view!

We settled down inside an airy spacious restaurant which had s selection of teas laid out on the table.

We literally tried every single one and we both had clear favourites in the end.

I really loved the caramel flavour tea (we bought some of these to bring back), and Amit really liked the cardamom tea.


We spent some time taking in the views and enjoying the peaceful, tranquil and amazing moments and then went on to our next excursion .

This is an experience which is a must do if you plan to visit Mauritius. It is such a stunning place and the tea is delicious. It is a fantastic way to experience the history of tea, as well as the present day production of it in a real factory. The best part is you get to try lots of different teas too!




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