Mowgli Street Food – Liverpool

Mowgli Street Food – Liverpool

We need Mowgli Street Food in London! I recently visited the Liverpool branch and it was actually the first stop we made for food before checking into our hotel. It was around 3pm and it was packed! This is always good sign of a good restaurant.

When we finally got a table, we sat down and had some time just staring at the decor and vibrancy of the restaurant. It is so lovely!

To start with I went for the Rose and Cardamom Lassi. Of lassi combinations, this one was so delicious. It had a sprinkling of sweets and a mixture popularly found in a popular indian food which is considered a mouth freshener called Paan.

For starters we ordered the Mowgli Sticky Wings, which are described on the menu as gram our crisped wings doused in a Manchurian slick spiced molasses, dark rum, cumin, garam masala, popped mustard seed & sesame. It was so full of flavour and moreish.

We also tried the Himalayan Cheese Toast, which was coriander, red onion & green chilli dressing, sharp cheddar & served with Indian pickle. Of cheese toasts, this one takes the crown. Seriously if you get a chance to go to Mowgli’s this is a must order.

For mains we shared Tea Steeped Chickpeas, which was chickpeas simmered in a rich Darjeeling & spiced tomato & spinach sauce. This was so rich in flavour and wholesome. We had this with puris, which were so light and fluffy and the perfect combination.

We also had a side of Mowgli slaw, which was refreshing and went perfectly with the chickpeas.

For dessert, I went for the Chocolate Mowgli Cake with cardamom and warming spices served warm with ice cream. It was heavenly and cardamom with anything works for me!

The menu is refreshingly different to other Indian restaurants and the prices are incredible. So reasonable for the amazing food served.

I loved the presentation of the food and the service was really good. The only downside is it is located too far away from me and I am craving it all again after typing this up! So all you lucky people visiting or living in Liverpool – this is a must visit restaurant. You will be thrilled to know a second branch is opening up!

Please either get there early to put your name down on the list or to wait, as the wait times are long as its so popular! Reservations are not taken for smaller groups.

Mowgli Street Food also has a restaurant in Manchester so definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

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