Floating Market – St Regis Mauritius 

Floating Market – St Regis Mauritius 

On our first night in Mauritius, I was craving Pan-Asian food and so we decided to dine at the beautiful Floating Market restaurant, which is surrounded by water. The name originates from a food market in Thailand where produce and food is sold mostly from boats.

The cuisine has influences of Thai, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Malay and Indonesian origins and the menu is amazing.

After a long 1 hour and 15 minute drive from the airport to the hotel, I was awestruck at the sugar cane fields we drove past and it invoked nostalgia of my childhood growing up in Mombasa, where I had a neighbour who grew sugar cane in his garden. Often he would give us some and we would make sugar cane juice.

When I saw there was a cocktail that involved rum and sugar cane on the menu it had to be ordered. Named Ti Punch, this is made from white rum, lime and sugar cane syrup and OMG it was so good.

Amit tried the local beer which soon became his favourite on the trip, Phoenix beer. The drinks are pictured below.


While we decided on what to eat, we were given these lovely buns stuffed with flavoursome tofu to start with and wow! They were incredible.


Continuing with the sugar cane theme, to start with I ordered Goong Phan Ooy, which is prawns served on sugar cane skewers and fresh herbs. I absolutely loved the novel use of sugar cane in this dish and it was delicious.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Amit went for the Somlar khtiss, which was a Cambodian infused spicy coconut soup, glass noodles and chicken wontons. I wasn’t quick enough to capture this, but there was a wow factor in terms of the presentation and on second thoughts I don’t want to spoil the surprise so be sure to order it if you are dining at the Floating Market.


For our mains we had Kaffir lime infused chicken breasts and Lemongrass chili lamb loin in a butternut white curry.


Both were full flavoured and scrumptious and they tasted so fresh, fragrant and perfect. They hit the spot for me and my cravings were taken care of aptly! Compliments to chef Van Pham Thong.

The choice is fantastic and the food is really good. My only regret was the weather that evening which is out of my hands. It is a beautiful restaurant and has an amazing ambience and it is really lovely to be eating dinner while surrounded by water.


For more information and for the full menu go to: http://www.floatingmarketrestaurant.com


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