A street food cookery class at L’atelier des Chefs with Tefal UK


When I was invited to take part in a street food cookery class at the well known  with Tefal UK and some lovely food bloggers I jumped at the chance and took a day off work.

Classes at L’atelier des Chefs range from 30 minute quick and tasty dishes to 4 hour in-depth masterclasses catering for kitchen novices to cooking enthusiasts.

On our menu we were going to make Fritta with a truffled tomato sauce and Chicken Shawarma, using the fabulous Tefal Ingenio range of saucepans.

As we arrived, we were given refreshments and then we donned our aprons and went in to start off the courses.

We had lots of ingredients spread out on our work station and we were given a quick but very informative demonstration by chef Ibolya Olah. She taught us tricks and techniques which were so handy and I have used some of the chopping methods since.

She gave us an overview of how to prepare the frittata and off we went to our stations to work in a team to cook.

We split responsibilities so a lot of preparation time was saved. We had 1 blogger whisking the egg, and the others chopping the various vegetables in the way we had just been shown.

We then went over to the hobs where we began to cook the Frittata in turns using the Tefal Ingenio saucepan. We sautéed the potatoes, peppers, red peppers and added spices and seasoning, before pouring in the egg mixture and garnishing with chopped parsley.


The saucepans are incredible! They have a detachable handle which  makes them super convenient to put in the oven or fridge. They come with handy plastic lids too which solves  a lot of tupperware time in my house for sure when you want to cover your food!

Once we had prepared the frittata in the saucepans, the pan went into the oven and we began to prepare the truffled tomato sauce that would accompany it.

This was made using quartered cherry tomatoes, seasoning, balsamic vinegar and was also cooked in a Tefal Ingenio pan and ready in a couple of minutes.

We sat down to enjoy the Frittata and the truffled tomato sauce and then proceeded to the next dish.


Chicken shawarma was next and we first prepared the chicken by making a marinade out of chilli, spices, garlic, shallots, olive oil and lemon juice which we blitzed in a food processor.

We massaged this into chicken and let this rest while we prepared the crunchy salad and mint yoghurt mixture.

We then prepared the flat bread by making the dough in a stand mixer, and then we let that sit while we cooked the chicken in a Tefal Ingenio pan.


Ibolya then taught us how to roll out the dough to make flat breads using parchment paper. This was a fantastic tip and I will definitely try this at home.

We then cooked the flat breads in a Tefal Ingenio pan and prepared our wraps.

Ta da! Chicken shawarma, homemade wraps, tzatziki and a crisp salad.


I was astounded by how easy and quick it was to make homemade wraps and it also made me think how underused my dough hook on my stand mixer is so I will definitely be doing this.

The whole session was so much fun and we learnt so much. We were also spoiled with our own set of Tefal Ingenio pans to take home so a very big thank you to Tefal UK! I can’t wait to use them.

For more information on cookery classes at L’atelier des Chefs go to: https://www.atelierdeschefs.co.uk/en/cooking-classes.php

For more information on the Tefal Ingenio range go to: http://www.tefal.co.uk/Ingenio



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