Be at your best – with Dr Sarah Schenker, Faya Nilsson, Carole Ann Rice and Tilda Rice

Be at your best – with Dr Sarah Schenker, Faya Nilsson, Carole Ann Rice and Tilda Rice

  We all want to be bursting full of energy but can find that we sometimes feel sluggish, lazy and energy deprived. I recently attended a masterclass hosted by Tilda at the very trendy Ice Tank, in Soho.

The Tilda Basmati’s Spring into Spring into Energy Masterclass, featuring world-renowned health and fitness blogger FitnessOnToast (Faya Nilsson), motivational life coach Carole Ann Rice and nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker, was very insightful and motivational.

We first found out our natural dominant energy, by working through the quiz below.Quiz.png

You can have a go too! There are three types of dominant energy, which are High energy, Sustained energy and calming energy. I fall into the sustained energy pot. This means my body is used to using energy within a safe limit and the downside is the risk of hitting a fitness and energy plateau.

To overcome this, suggested food for my energy type include Edamame, wholegrain Basmati, Cucumber, Spinach, Chia seeds, oranges, nut butter, oats, almonds, lime and Broccoli.

If you fall into the calming energy pot, you are the type of individual who believes there are not enough hours in the day and find it hard to commit time for exercise. Recommended food for you include kale, wild rice, beetroot, pinto beans, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, ginger, avocado, asparagus and quinoa.

High energy individuals suffer from FOMO and find it hard to say no. Food for this type include coconut, chicken, dark chocolate, honey, sweet potato, eggs, spinach, banana, basmati rice, harissa, yoghurt and tuna.

The masterclass was very educational and inspiring and I have made a few changes to my diet as a result to try and maximise energy for my dominant energy type. It was also interesting to hear ways of dealing with every day stresses and I have definitely adopted some of the tips Sarah suggested into my daily life and found I am more peaceful.

I have recently gone on a gluten free diet and have actually chosen Tilda over other brands due to their gluten free range available.

Did you take the quiz? What type of energy type do you fall into?




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