Bao London 

Bao London 

Standing in an orderly queue in Soho, opposite Bao, with my friend Nessy, a black cab pulled up and asked us why everyone was queuing and was this type of food not available anywhere else in London, to which we answered its really good food.

Nessy has been a few times whereas this was my first time and had read and heard so many reviews that I was so excited to be trying it out. The lovely part was that Bao hands out hot drinks to anyone waiting.

Bao started its journey at KERB, followed by Netil market and since 2015, they have been based in Soho. The good news is a second branch is going to be opening in Fitzrovia. They are hugely successful and the demand since day one has only risen.

We waited roughly an hour but time went quick as Nessy and I can talk a lot! The good thing is once we got to the front of the queue, we got a nice table towards the back of the restaurant and we were not rushed at all.

I picked a crumbed Daikon Bao and let Nessy choose the rest as she had been a few times and knew what was good. We had the special, which was sausages, Taiwanese fried chicken and 40 day rump cap with aged white soy sauce.

So what is a Bao? They describe it as a pillowy, soft, light, cloudy, fluffy, white, milky steamed bun on their website and let me tell you it is every bit as dreamy as that sounds. It is definitely, hands down, the best type of sandwich I have eaten and I am definitely going back for more!




For dessert we shared the Fried Horlicks Ice Cream Bao. OMG I would go back over and over and over again for this. Words cannot even fully describe the childhood nostalgia and the indulgent flavour this had – it was definitely the highlight of the entire meal for me.

We had really good service on the night and felt relaxed and like we could take our time. I would definitely go back and am pleased that there will be a new opening in Fitzrovia.

For more information go to:

Nessy is an amazing photographer (as well as a hand model in some of my photos when we eat out together). Be sure to check out her page:


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  1. March 27, 2016 / 6:11 pm

    This food looks sooo good. I think a new location is opening in Catford or maybe Peckham…south east London anyways. I just am kind of against waiting in a queue but if it is worth it then it’s worth it.

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