Hoppers London

Hoppers London

Hoppers is a Sri Lankan restaurant in Soho, which serves Hoppers, which are bowl shaped delights, similar to dosas, which you can have plain or with an egg in the middle. Along with their signature dish, they serve other amazing dishes, all Sri Lankan and to die for.

The first time I visited Hoppers, I went with my lovely Sri Lankan friend and fellow food blogger, Suji, whose blog is: http://mykitchenadventures.co in November 2015.

This was the first experience of Sri Lankan food that I had and we braved an hour’s wait outside the restaurant to have lovely food and a catch up. Luckily at the time we had lots to catch up on and the time went by quickly.

I recently visited Hoppers again with Amit, as he hadn’t been yet, and was pleased to find that they have a better solution to the no reservations policy. I put my name down and they told me a table would be available in roughly an hour and they texted me when my table was ready. This gave me the freedom to roam around Soho which was perfect for me as I did have some shopping to do. Something to keep in mind if you go – have a plan B to fill in your waiting time so it doesn’t feel long.

Once our table was available, we ordered some drinks. The last time I was there with Suji I had a cocktail and this time I sent for the curry buttermilk. This is similar to a lassi just so much tastier! I keep raving on about this but it was seriously that good. Amit with his choice of beer was also slightly jealous about my drink. It was served cold and it was so refreshing, and perfect for the spicy notes of the food.


To start with we went for the mutton rolls and hot buttered devilled shrimps. Both were outstanding. The shrimps are on the spicier side and have a real kick so make sure you can handle spicy food if you order this! I also had this when I went with Suji.

We both had an egg hopper each, with an assortment of chutneys and a Drumstick Sambhar. Last time I went for the plain hopper. The drumstick sambhar was dreamy. Those of you who know my love for drumsticks aka saregvo (especially mum) would know how excited I would have been about this dish and it seriously did not disappoint. It tasted like the dar I grew up with.

Amit loved his experience at Hoppers and couldn’t stop going on about how good the food was. The prices at Hoppers are seriously good. £3.50 for an egg hopper in Soho. What a good price when most starters don’t even cost that in Soho!

If you haven’t tried Sri Lankan Hoppers before you really must visit Hoppers London and as with all the other JKS restaurants, it has the same standards (amazing ones) as the other restaurants in the group.

For more information go to: https://www.hopperslondon.com


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  1. March 26, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    Loved going with you to this place and glad you enjoyed it so much this 2nd time around. Fab pics Binny and great review ☺ So kind of you to mention my (very neglected!) blog too..mwah x Suji xxx

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