Disco souping with Oxo and Dean Edwards, Masterchef finalist

Disco souping with Oxo and Dean Edwards, Masterchef finalist

Chopping, cooking and dancing to the beat at the Cactus Kitchens making soups under the guidance of Masterchef finalist, Dean Edwards was a fabulous way to experiment with OXO stock pots. Dean is so lovely and inspiring and he really encouraged us to have a good time while cooking for a great cause.

 As the venue was Michel Roux Jr’s cookery school, Cactus Kitchens, which also happens to be the  location for the set of Saturday Kitchen, of course I took matters in my own hand and auditioned to replace James Martin. Only kidding!

 The event was to encourage us to think about using leftover food and ingredients in creative ways with the help of OXO stock pots to make meals and reduce food wastage.

Food wastage is a massive problem and it is good to find ways to reduce this as well as have a hearty meal out of it.

We had popular disco tunes on while we boogied away and prepared a classic French Onion Soup, followed by a Spicy Butternut Squash and a carrot and beetroot soup.

 The act of making dishes, such as soup, from leftover food while dancing away to disco tunes, is called Disco Souping, and isa  movement that originated in the USA with the aim of promoting awareness about food wastage.

In a disco soup kitchen, volunteers will dance to some music while preparing left over ingredients into soups and other food that then goes to be fed to the more disadvantaged communities in society. As well as reducing food wastage it also ensures that less people go hungry and have a good meal which is very important.

 OXO stock pots and cubes have been in most (if not all) kitchen cupboards for over 100 years as a staple ingredient for soups, stews and broths. An OXO cube or stock pot can transform a dish and is a very hand ingredient to have stockpiled at home.

 We had great fun getting tips and tricks from Dean while making our own soup. The recipes were from The OXO Cookbook and it was so easy to follow.

All extra soup we made on the evening went to a charity called The West Indian Association Of Service Personnel (WASP).

 If you have any vegetables left over at home, don’t throw them! Find a creative way to make them into a dish and reduce the amount you throw away.

For more information about OXO go to: http://www.oxo.co.uk/about-us


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