A super collaboration between Deliciously Ella & method

A super collaboration between Deliciously Ella & method

  method have launched an amazing range of cleaning products which are “greener” than other cleaning products as they are eco-friendly. They also smell absolutely amazing and give your home a lovely scent and they are not tested on animals, which is a major tick in my box.

  When super blogger Deliciously Ella collaborates with method on their range of almond, clementine and limited edition pomegranate cleaning products, you know there is going to be amazing recipes involved. This is an amazing fusion as both Ella and method are passionate about clean, natural living.

Ella has created three bespoke healthy recipes exclusively for method, each inspired by the ingredients used for each of the cleaning products, which are almond, clementine and pomegranate and I am thrilled to share these recipes with you.


method have a wood cleaner that smells better than some food and is non-toxic, bio-degradable and has no wax. 

  Deliciously Ella has created a fantastic Almond Soup inspired by this wood cleaner.

almond soup1


Almond Soup 



Pomegranate is an underrated superfood. It is so divine and I love that method has a limited edition range dedicated to it. The all purpose cleaning spray has made my bathroom and kitchen smell gorgeous.

Deliciously Ella has shared an amazing recipe for Pomegranate salad which is healthy and has an amazing array of ingredients. This is a fantastic lunch box idea.

pomegranate salad1

Pomegranate Salad



A citrus scented zesty cleaning products makes washing up time more exciting! I love clementines and this washing up liquid is amazing!

  The recipe inspired by this is a Clementine and Coconut Sorbet which just sounds incredible and perfect for a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Clementine and Coconut Sorbet

clementine sorbet1



To find out more about the method range go to: http://methodproducts.co.uk

Have you tried any method cleaning products and do you have a favourite? If you try any of these recipes I would love to know about it! Let me know in the comments below. I personally am excited to try the Clementine and Coconut sorbet!

I was sent method Cleaning products to review. Credit for food photos and recipe cards: method. All views are my own as I love these products and the fact that they are planet-friendly.


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