Why you should #JoinTheHerd and make it the Year of the Elephant

Why you should #JoinTheHerd and make it the Year of the Elephant

Growing up in Kenya, I had the luxury of seeing elephants frequently whenever we went on safari. Over the years on visits back, it has been harder to spot them and the number of elephants is declining and I fear one day our future generations will only see their skeletons in museums.

A conservation project I support, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, takes in orphaned elephants under its belt and looks after them until they are ready to go back in to the wild. Many of these elephants are orphaned as a result of poaching. In recent years, the number of elephants has increased and this is a real problem as ivory trade continues to occur.


WildAid have launched a campaign to make it the year of the elephant and their mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes and their slogan is “When the buying stops, the killing can too.”

I wholeheartedly agree with this as it is the root cause of the problem that needs to be worked on first and thus it is important to ban ivory trade worldwide.

According to WildAid, 33,000 African elephants are killed yearly for their ivory. That is a scary number and the elephant populations in other parts of Africa have already been devastated.

Help stop this catastrophic killing of elephants as well as the exacerbation of their extinction and #JoinThe Herd today here, amongst other fantastic supporters such as Kristin Davis, Richard Branson and Lupita Nyong’o to name a few, at https://www.yearoftheelephant.org and sign the pledge too.


You can also donate to Wild Aid here http://wildaid.org/ivoryfree

This will help raise awareness of this monstrosity and help out banning ivory trade higher on the agenda worldwide.

Let’s make it the year of the elephant! Help spread awareness and go create your photo now.



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