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Have you ever had a meal which is so magical it stays on your mind for days on end? I had such a meal in November this year which blew my mind and it happened to be at the Panorama Restaurant and Bar, located at the Sheraton Lisboa on the very top floor. The cuisine was modern Portuguese and it was truly a delight.

The best part was the  food was accompanied with an amazing view. What can I say except it beats every top floor restaurant I have been to so far. It is so romantic and breath-taking and pretty much has you in a daze with its splendour.

We started off the evening in the cocktail bar which is a perfect place to chill and enjoy the skyline of Lisbon as you are lucky enough to have the highest view from here. It is also perfect for client meetings if you want to seriously impress, or even win over a date.

We went for cocktails, mine was a Mojito of course, and it was pretty special. The buzz and atmosphere in the bar was fabulous and we even delayed our dinner by half an hour just so we could spend some more time there.

After we finished our drinks we were whisked away to a table with an amazing view. I have dined at restaurants with views before but this was remarkable.

The attention to detail, the décor inside the restaurant and the table setting were lovely.

To start with we were brought an assortment of different butters. My butter crazy husband was over the moon and my favourite from all the different choices was the coffee butter. My dream combination.

The butter was served with a fantastic variety of breads, pictured below. They were warm, soft and in danger of filling us up as we devoured them.

Then started the different courses. First  up was the Sea Scallops laquered with Sichuan pepper, vodka and strawberry “morangoska,”corn polenta, whelk, goose barnacle and tobiko roe. This was so pretty and vibrant. It tasted fresh and the textures were on point.

Next up was such a clever dish. Sea urchin ceviche, red tiger prawn, fresh algae, tobiko roe, shrimp hosts, sweet potato soufflé and cucumber. This was presented in a way to mimic the natural environment of the sea urchins and prawns.

Next up was traditional chicken soup served with a modern twist. By this point I was in love with the food.

We were served a different wine for each course which complimented each dish perfectly.


The next dish was Venison loin, pear puree, green pistachio and mushrooms. The chef is truly a genius with this choice of flavour combinations and they really marry each other well.

You are probably thinking by now it must be the end of the meal right? Wrong. Amazing dishes just kept coming. Codfish confit on cauliflower puree, stewed cod belly, onions, olive powder, mayonnaise and vegetable chips was the next to delight us.

By now I was convinced that this chef was truly talented and he is pictured below on the far right. Marco, pictured in the middle, was amazing too. He described each dish to us so enthusiastically.

The final savoury dish was Sea bass nestled on lemonade purple potato puree, caramelised scallions and mushrooms. Seriously good food and so tasty. My mouth had all sorts of explosions of flavour with each dish. I was amazed by the modern flavours with traditional Portuguese dishes.

After a short break we bravely took on dessert. The first one we had was so refreshing. It was described as a harmony of the Granny Smith Apple, almonds and vanilla. I noticed in Lisbon that Granny Smith Apples featured in lots of dishes which I was over the moon about as I adore them.

Here we are suitably stuffed with all that amazing food.

Still we manned up and took on one more dessert. This was the best dessert I have had in a long long time. If you know about Pastel de Nata, this is the modern twist to it. This was custard pastry on coffee crème, caramel ice cream and cinnamon nuances. That flavour combination was just wow. I would go back for this over and over again.


To end our meal we were served petit fours which I could only manage one of as my stomach was about to explode at this point. Amit managed to try them all and was very impressed.

I would seriously go back to Lisbon for this meal. The restaurant is so beautiful and the ambience is fantastic. It is the perfect venue to have a special meal, whether it is a celebration, date, business meeting or a treat.

The menu has such an amazing choice and the dessert is just wow. The service is top notch, the staff are super friendly and lovely and the view is one to seriously check out.

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I was a guest at the Sheraton Lisboa and I was invited to sample the menu. All views and photos are my own.





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