Hello Fresh #Cookitforward

Hello Fresh #Cookitforward

A few weeks ago the lovely folks at Hello Fresh sent me this lovely (massive) veggie box filled with fresh ingredients and recipe cards to #CookitForward.

Hello Fresh is a leading food box service which delivers recipes and fresh ingredients to your door each week. You can choose the type of box you want to order and delivery for when it is convenient for you.

This festive season Hello Fresh is inspiring people to cook for others through their #CookitForward campaign. I was thrilled to be asked to participate.

I decided to cook the Lentil and Vegetable Hotpot with a Cheese and Potato Topping for my sister in law as she was alone for dinner whilst my  brother was out of the country on a business trip. This was the perfect dish for a cold evening as it was so warming. The recipe card was so easy to follow and the right amount of ingredients had been supplied in the food box.

Although I was tempted to add my own spices I restrained myself and both my sister in law and I were pleasantly surprised with how good the final dish tasted. My sister in law took the recipe card home as she loved it.

My husband also dug into it despite having gone out for dinner himself that evening and he loved it too.

Being cooked a home meal is so much nicer than a restaurant meal. According to Hello Fresh research, Being made a home cooked dinner is clearly still highly regarded, as a third of us would forego being taken out to a restaurant if it meant being cooked a surprise meal from a loved one.

In addition, a very real statistic is that 48.8% of people never cook for anyone other than their partner or children. This is true for me so it was lovely to be able to cook for someone else.

It was so easy to follow the recipe and everything was in the right proportions so there was so need to spend time measuring and weighing ingredients.

This was the first time I had used Hello Fresh and it was refreshing to try recipes for meals I wouldn’t normally make. It was also lovely to cook with ingredients I wouldn’t normally think of cooking together either. I was pleasantly surprised.

The delivery itself was fantastic. The way everything was packaged in the box was so tidy and appealing that I felt inspired to cook straight away. I would really recommend Hello Fresh if you are looking to cook fresh hearty meals with everything available in the right proportions. It is the best way to eat healthily for busy lives.

If you are inspired to try a Hello Fresh Box or to #CookitForward go to:


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