E.A.S.T – Eat at Snighdas Table 

E.A.S.T – Eat at Snighdas Table 

Attention attention everyone! You have to go try E.A.S.T which stands for Eat at Snighdas Table at W.B Yeats in Finsbury Park. The cuisine is contemporary Indian and is amazing! 

It is only on till the end of December so make sure you put it on the list of places to go this month.

The pub where she has her pop up residency this month is also lovely and spacious.

To start off I had Crispy Okra with a balsamic reduction. I had never had okra with balsamic and the flavour married the okra perfectly. I had this dish all to myself as Amit is not a fan of okra at all sadly but good for me!


We also had some Vodka Pani Puri which was awesome and innovative. There is also a non-alcoholic version available.  

Our third choice of starters was whole leaf spinach tempura which was so yummy and light and beautifully presented.


There are other awesome starters available such as masala chips.

For mains I went for apricot and paneer koftas. The sauce was absolutely divine!    

Amit went for Chicken Mappas which was a gorgeous dish and reminded me of a Kenyan dish although it is a speciality of Kerala. Both coastal regions have coconuts in common. This is a recommended try!

We had an apple and mint raita to accompany our meal which was so refreshing.


For dessert we had a chocolate torte with chilli cream which was divine.

The whole meal was fabulous and Snighda was fantastic too she was so friendly and the service at the pub was brilliant.

I highly recommend this pop up as a must do this month in London!

Its current residency is:

W.B Yeats

Address: 20 Fonthill Rd 

Finsbury Park 


N4 3HU 


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  1. December 3, 2015 / 7:12 pm

    Alcoholic pani puri…..DROOOOOOOOL

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